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EAL secondary interview/assessment/subject questions

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by bookworm77uk, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. bookworm77uk

    bookworm77uk New commenter

    Hi I wonder could anyone help.me please?

    I have an interview for an EAL Teaching Post in a secondary school.

    Up to now, all my teaching and management experience has come from teaching Adult Esol.

    Now my.problem is I'm feeling a little overawed as I haven't taught EAL to under 16's before and am starting to wonder if my ESOL experience can prepare me?

    My pre interview research is showing EAL as a vague topic,no compulsory schemes of worj etc. How do you know what to teach? I am sure I can transfer my skills but actually getting specific information is hard.

    I know nothing of the secondary curriculum, or how learners are initially asessedbor where to find the appropriate assessment tools and then alloted to a learning programme. All i can do is to draw from the pocedures I used in ESOL.

    Can anyone offer help or advice e.g procedures in a secondary school. . Am i wasting my time going to this interview?

    Thank you.

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