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EAL learner - help with writing resources...

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by lbubb, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hi there
    I have a pupil who is an EAL learner in KS1 and I've been looking for resources that might help with his writing and phonic work - can anybody recommend anything? He's building in confidence verbally but his writing is very poor and he gets confused between his native tongue and English when practising sounds and words.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

    Although pupils with special educational needs and pupils for whom English is an additional language are both candidates for educational inclusion, their needs are, at least officially, deemed to be different. Consider reposting your message in the TES EMAG forum, which is dedicated to the interests of pupils with EAL and their teachers.

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