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EAL for footballers

Discussion in 'EAL' started by Bungie, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Bungie

    Bungie Occasional commenter

    I'm teaching EAL to a group of boys between 14 and 18 years old who are training to be professional footballers. Can anyone recommend any football-based EAL resources? Thanks.
  2. kpjf

    kpjf Occasional commenter

    Never seen something like this before! But if it were me I would probably use a regular textbook and supplement it with running dictations, dictoglosses. You could create short texts on let's say Ronaldo, Messi or Mbappé's life for a running dictation or a cool anecdote about a footballer / manager in a dictogloss, eg that time Beckham got the cut above his eye from Fergie going nuts. You could expand on the running dictations if you use in class with an expanded bio of that footballer and create comprehension questions on it or even try to focus on a grammar point from said text.

    In my classes I sometimes find newspaper articles and edit them and create comprehension questions and or true/false exercises. Sometimes the real article has too many complicated expressions so it can be made level appropriate.

    Or how about some newspaper articles on Monday analysing a big match, e.g. Man City Vs. Liverpool, or I sometimes see in the Guardian talking points from the weekend, like you could show a clip from a controversial moment and get their opinions. Or how about debating the current laws on offside (as it's quite different to years ago), the use of VAR, how a referee trains/how hard it is for him/her, footballer's diets... I guess this depends on their English level.

    Good luck.
  3. praiasefestas

    praiasefestas New commenter

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