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Eal advice please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ktee, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Ktee

    Ktee New commenter

    Hello. I have a French speaking EAL boy joining my English group (lower ability, year 6). Having never taught an Eal child before, my question is how do I best integrate him in the group? Do I set him separate tasks or include him in whatever we are doing? I have a TA but there a number of behaviour/ needy children in group who tend to take her time. I have planned to seat him with a good 'buddy' who will chat and support where he can. Just concerned with being year 6, Some of the things we are doing will be tricky for him. Thanks for any tips!
  2. funambule

    funambule New commenter

    I suggest you also post this on the Modern Languages forum. With foreign languages learning now part of the National Curriculum, this child could well be an asset especially if you teach French at your school. You might also take a look at the ALL (Association for Languages Learning) for help and resources: http://www.all-languages.org.uk/
    There is a lot of support out there if you know where to look; I 'll see what I can find.
  3. funambule

    funambule New commenter

  4. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    If you google Mike Gershon there is a PPT called The EAL Toolkit - am sure this will help. We used to put our MEAC students with good role models where possible. Worth also reminding the staff that he HAS a language - just not English !
  5. RLB1992

    RLB1992 New commenter

    I work at and EAL dominate school (my year 2 class has 3 English children the rest are all EAL) we also have a high rate of EAL children joining throughout the academic year.
    here are some of the things we do to include and integrate a new EAL child to the class
    -class buddy
    -signs in both English and their first language (toilet, table, window, classroom, pencil)
    -we also have what is called the emergency lessons- which consists of teaching them key phrase: I need the toilet/can i go to the toilet, My name is..... I come from...., making sure they know the key places in the school.

    After they are familiar with the school environment when it comes to non core lessons I tend to set a picture based activity- labeling, matching etc... or I will sit with my support group and include them using lots of discussion and visuals.
    As for the core subjects, at our school the head has agreed that for children who come with no English they are allowed into a lower key stage group (we actually have a separate EAL English class, but I have a year 3 in my year 2 English lessons) or taking out of the English class and given 1:1 English lessons or small group in our case where we have lots of children in the same boat. As for maths, you might be pleasantly surprised, with it being universal as long as you use actions and visuals they tend to pick it up quite quickly.

    It is really hard at first especially in a SATS class

    I hope some of this helped.
  6. Ktee

    Ktee New commenter

  7. Ktee

    Ktee New commenter

    Thankyou! x
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  8. Lisforlanguage

    Lisforlanguage New commenter

    Yes - really embrace his language. Ask him to teach some French words to the rest of the class.

    He will also need some English intervention work, going back to phonics if he has little English. Give him a buddy in the class to help him. We have produced some EAL resources at:


    Any more questions please ask.

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