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E111.. Is it an equivalent?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Sare1, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I've been employed as a GTA for the past year on a small 2 hours a week contract.I already have the CACHE Level 2 Teaching Assistant's qualification.
    My Headteacher checked with me last week what level I was qualified to as he has an Advanced TA role in mind for me in September, but he said an ATA has to be Level 3.
    I would gladly do a Level 3 course, but nowhere within 50 miles does it, and hasn't for 5 years as they can't get a tutor.
    I have seen the E111 Level 4 course on the OU site which is a year long and worth 60 points at Higher Level.
    Does anyone know if this qualification alone would be equivalent to the NVQ Level 3, or at least enough for the LEA to allow me to work as an ATA?
    I'd really appreciate any help.
  2. The E111 being a level for is a higher level course equal to first year University level whereas the NVQ3 is equal to A-level.

    I have an Early years level 3 NVQ and have just completed the E111, however I have no idea whether the council will recognise this as a relevant qualification when they heavily subscribe to the NVQ system.

    Take this a copy of this link into your Head and see if your council will accept it.

    In my opinion it is a much worthier course than the NVQ.


    Good luck
  3. 'The E111 being a level for...' sorry that should read 'four', I really should check before I submit!
  4. whereabout's are you?
  5. I'm so sorry for not replying, I forgot I'd posted this.
    Thank you for your help.I'm in North Yorkshire.
    I've seen the Head today and he's happy that I've looked into this.
    He's said I could do either, and I'm leaning towards the Level 4 E111
    He's going to read through the course description and hopefully find out if the council will accept it over the Level 3.
    He did say that I couldn't be paid as ATA until I had the qualification, but that I could do the role as GTA.
    Anyone who has done the E111, is it really hard or do you get a lot of support telling you the sort of thing they are looking for?
  6. The course material is well set out and easy to read, with lots of activities, some people chose not to do them all, however the course is aligned to the HTLA standards so if you do the course comprehensively you can use it as underpinning knowledge.

    Along with the course materials there is an assessment guide which tells you exactly how to set out each task. You're assigned a personal tutor to oversee and mark your work. She/he also arranges approx 6 tutorials over the course and offers telephone or online support.

    Personally I used the online conferencing which puts you in touch with other people studying the course, I believe it was 500 plus this year. There is always somebody who can help, especially those who are more experienced.

    You have to submit 6 assignments and 1 final assessment, the biggest gripe was the word count it was always too low!!

    I found that in comparison with the NVQ, the E111 was gained within a year and was less work but much more academic.

    I worked in Nth Yorks several years ago and although the E111 wasn't around then the E123/124(Early years) was, the council excepted that over the NVQ

    Hope that helped.

  7. Thanks very much for replying tnewrad, you've been most helpful.
  8. If you're already working in a school the HLTA can be achieved in two months and two tutorials, I did it in primary school and had to prove that I taught on a regular basis which obviously I didn't, but my Head gave me the SEAL program to follow for an hour a week and this got me through.I am now working in High School and my colleagues are on the course. Teachers are assisting them by allowing them to teach a class and this is being accepted into the criteria... Main criteria is that you teach a registered class. HLTA is a recognized status. This status can also be used as cover superviser.

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