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e portfolios

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Sweetcorn, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I'm considering getting pupils to submit their work as an eportfolio. Does anyone currently do this, and what problems/successes have you had?
  2. It's all well and good but an absolute no hoper for me as I don't have enough computers in the class to get all the pupils on at once.

    If I did have the resources, I would without a shadow of a doubt.
  3. YAF


    Me too I dont have enough computers, my class could do this for the course -I am ment to do it this year for the year 12's as the cost of sending stuff has gone up! but dont have enough time... or computers! the pupils computer skills are not great as well!
  4. I am trialing e-portfolios this year for the first time in Graphic Products.

    - There is an enormous saving on printer cartridges, glue etc.
    - It has greatly speeded up the pace of producing the first third of the folder - research, analysis, specification, and means it is easy for students to improve their work, they don't seem to dis-heartened.
    -It has boosted the quality of the weaker students work.

    - Although I'm lucky to have one PC per student, just, sometimes technical hitches are a problem.
    - As there is no paper copy to mark, so I can only access students files during school time - which is a bonus!
    -Scanned coloured design logos loose some of their 'finess'.

    I'm hoping to include video evaluation.
    If anyone else is producing e-portfolios and wishes to share ideas that would be great.

  5. I'm currently doing this with a really small group of KS4 Product Design pupils (a small group who have been classed as 'not suitable for GCSE's').

    Either way I'm now doing a GCSE in PD, using nothing but eportfolio (or powerpoint to make it sound less scary).

    So far......


    - Spelling, grammer, and sentances are almost at a level suitable.
    - Presentation is a real plus, as for lazy boys its easy.
    - Better quality of work generally. Kid's love it, and there is even teh easy option of emailing it home.
    - I'm doing lots of podcast evaluation / video interviews to get over the fact that their literacy is so low. They can say things occasionally which are quite interesting, but haven't a hope in typing it up!)


    - PC Access. I have a group of 8 on a GOOD day. And still I struggle.

    Hope this helps!
  6. I'm interested in e portfolios. Is there another software package to do these or is everyone using powerpoint. Could anyone send me a sample of a quality e portfolio from one of your students so that I can get some ideas.

    Paul Wilson - paul.m.wilson@education.nsw.gov.au
  7. misterroy

    misterroy New commenter

    I did the craft and design folio using Corel Draw this year. I have not taught C&D in over 10 years. My knowladge of the folio section is weaker than the others here, my folios took longer to do than theirs, partly because of my inexperience with the folios and partly with the students needing help with software issues.

    I made up a template corel file and the class changed the style. Most produced 3d drawings using rhino 3d, some hand drew the pictures and scanned them in. One lost most of her work, no-one lost any paper sheets.

    If I had a C&D class thus year I'd do efolio again, but if the others beat me finished again, I'd go back to pencils.
  8. Thank you for your comments, i am worried about the computer access, but am running my coursework in small chunks throughout the year so doesn't conflict with other subjects, so in theory better access to the shared computer suite.
    Love the idea of videoing evaluations - I might get them to interview clients for research section too.

    I'm going to get them to upload their work via our VLE system, which in theory they will be able to access from home too, if they have a good enough internet connection.

    How do you do the design ideas? Sketches scanned in or all done using CAD ??
  9. I'm using both hand drawn logos/designs and DTP/CAD for Graphics, but I have seen PD paper folders with no hand drawn work at all.

    If we had a VLE I think it would make it easier to access and mark. At the moment the students and I rely of memory sticks. I have copied the students folios onto Disc as a backup, as it is so easy for students to delete their own work!

    As misterroy said, I too gave them a powerpoint template and basic contents list. The studnets re-design and re-name slide titles as they progress. In this way I know they all have Candidate Number/Name, Centre Number etc on each slide.

  10. Hi, I'm currently doing this option with year10/11 in Food Tech. It has been very popular and really does assist the lower ability. I have seven in class predicated E/F and it is a boost for them. Higher ability don't always find it easy but they are starting to hone their skills. We film around 5 video clips each practical of key skills e.g kneading, creaming, rubbing in, shaping etc and plenty of 'work in progress' stills. We have also used these to demonstrate health & safety. When filming I will ask questions or students can describe what/why they are doing. Podcasts have been used to interview people e.g. questionnaire, experts opinion, evaluation and then inserted into PowerPoint. All interactive files are uploaded to the VLE for communal access. Students then work on their PowerPoint?s and we upload to e-portfolios every fortnight on VLE where they can be accessed for home if wished.
  11. Thanks, this is really useful.

    Is there a limit on the memory size of eportfolios? Just concerned videos etc.. will make eportfolios difficult to send to exam boards. The only info I can seem to find from exam boards is all about ICT coursework.
    I'm going to run it with Resistant Materials students, hoping that it will motivate and raise achievement by using lots of photos, sound clips, podcasts etc.
    If anyone can send me an example of an eportfolio from any area, I would be really grateful.

  12. Yes I am doing it with food tech for second year running AQA. We can book kids into IT rooms but it is a fight to get them! Most of it is templated which helps less able but most research pages are not. I find it really encourages them and we put their photos into a file on Central area for them to upload. I am even trialling elements of this in year 8. Kids are very positve on the whole.
  13. PS the file pages are huge due to photos. There is no way they would go on a hotmail address. If you look at AQA coursework disks you will see some of them. I don't use videos or podcasts.
  14. Hi,

    I used e-portfolio's for Y12/ 13 Product Design this year. I got the students to use their phones to generate video and picture content. Submissions were made via email.

    We linked the plan of making to video showing what happened and interviewed the clients at the early stage and following mock ups and models. The evaluation was (not all students) also doe with video.

    The exam board didn't seem to mind the format as long as they knew what was coming. It was also great for the reasons mentioned, and for marking and getting student feedback as they could present their work to others in the group. It also made staff cross-marking easier.

    We had to teach the students to compress pictures but we had few technical hitches. We could add our own slides to add feedback etc. We are rolling this out to a KS4 graphics and a Control class this year.

    I think they are great, but feel the exam board should set some parameters as it could take hours to mark if they are filled with long video/ audio etc.

  15. Jackstar I'd be really interested to share ideas with you, spiral51@hotmail.com

    I have seen the AQA exemplar, which does not include podcasts or video, and am concerned that examiners/moderators may not like them. I've approached AQA and not received a reply. Which exam board do you use?

  16. We have a number of centres who submit e portfolios for AQA's GCSE Product Design and I have permission to share these with interested parties. Easy to moderate but not sure how easy to monitor during the year. Anyway, a blank CD and a Stamped Addressed Envelope to me at Dixons City Academy, Ripley Street, Bradford, BD5 7RR and I will send a selection for your considerations.
  17. Hi there,
    My department have just set up a Flickr account to display pupils work. Some of our Alevel pupils have also shown it on interview. It a greaty way to publicise the department, but also have access to the portfolio anywhere that has the internet.
    Have a look at ours: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mdtc/
    I dunno if this is the sort of thing your after-be we've found it to be a great assessment tool also.

    Sarah B
  18. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    I loved doing e-portfolio for Systems a couple of years ago, it made everything look good and was easy to alter/improve things. esp for the lower ability. the major pitfall was that our school filter is **** and i spent a lot of my time kicking kids off games e.t.c.
    now all my computers are gone [​IMG] so its back to the drawing board (pun intended)
  19. I did this last year with my AQA Graphic Products class....all 25 submitted. A lot easier and works well. Be mindful that you have to submit all of your pupils folders and not just a sample.
    If computer availability is hit and miss at your school I would advise not to do this.

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