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Discussion in 'Early Years' started by historygrump, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. historygrump

    historygrump Senior commenter Forum guide

    A primary school teacher suggested to me that I should make Early years school teachers aware of an e-petititon calling on the government to make it a legal requirement for anyone covering, supervising and teaching classes to hold QTS. Although I accept that this may not apply to early years teaching. This issue may not sound important if you are in a permanent post, but remember that for everyone advert for a primary school teaching post there are around 150 to 200 applicants due to the lack of jobs and too many primary trained teachers. This also applies to posts for PPA time due to the increase of HLTA's and TA's for example to cover PPA time or teacher absence. remember for every HLTA or TA doing PPA time or covering for a teachers absence, it is a qualified teacher who is losing out and facing being forced out of education.
    The figures I have seen from research carried out by a retired teacher indicates that 60% of all children in primary schools do not have a qualified teacher 100% of the time. Combine this with the facts from the Dept of Education School Workforce report (2010) which revealed that vacancies in primary schools had fallen by around 500 in the period 2009-10 and the number of TA's (including HLTA's) in the period January 2009 to January 2010 had increased by 8,800 to 190,000 and other support staff (excluding technicans and admin) had increased by 2,900 to around 65,000. Although this figure includes some that will be working in secondary schools or academies, The concern most be and I will put it in the words of the Audit commission report in 2009, 'why are schools recruiting so many TA's when they face budget cuts?'
    The danger many teachers will face in the years is the lack of jobs, the possibility of them being replaced by support staff and with schools merging, which could result in job cuts among cuts. This fact may be nearer then you think, with an article in the TES before the summerbreak indicates that any redudancies, especially in secondary schools will fall mainly on the teachers. That is why we must operate the system they have in Scotland, that only a person who is qualified is allowed to be teach or cover a class and this includes PPA time. That is the aim of the petition that was set up.

  2. Signed it-149 at last count ...please sign it and forward it to everyone [​IMG]
  3. Please support this petition, it may affect you some time.
  4. 187 have signed the E-petition-please sign up now. or you may be replaced as in this recent advert for a school in Lancashire!


    "XYZ Nursery school is seeking to employ a temporary Level 4 HLTA in this
    outstanding nursery school. The position is to work alongside the nursery
    teacher to provide a stimulating and challenging environment. The successful candidate
    will have good organisational skills, an ability to lead a team, good
    communication skills and the ability to build up good relationships with
    parents, children staff and the wider community.

    Essential Qualifications NNEB or equivalent

    Level 4 in childcare

    Maths GCSE grade C or above

    Eng Lang GCSE grade C or above.

    Essential Experience Experience of working with young

    Desirable Experience
    Experience of planning

    Experience of deploying staff

    Classroom management"
    I feel they are expecting someone to do everything a teacher does,but won't pay for it.

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