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E-cigarettes on prescription?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Vince_Ulam, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Pageant

    Pageant Occasional commenter

    I really hope it will never be allowed in public places especially inside areas. I recently followed a bloke who was walking down the street and his head and shoulders literally disappeared in a cloud of 'vapour'. It was horrible. Imagine that going on in a pub or restaurant or on a train or bus. Revolting.
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  2. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    I'm trying to lose a few pounds in weight: 1/ I am diabetic and it will bring me almost out of this and 2/ It is good for my health. Can I send my food bill to the NHS too?
  3. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    I'm addicted to chocolate, which is bad for me. I quite like fruit so maybe the government would pay for me to have fruit.

    The only interference that might be needed would be for replacement products to be slightly subsidised to make them a bit cheaper than cigarettes.

    I love 'vamping' and 'vapping'. Both catch the stupid way a person looks who is sucking on a steaming plastic, perfume filled stick.
  4. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Imperial Tobacco, just for a start
    You know-the Ethical Tobacco firm
  5. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

    I replaced ten cigars a day with vaping about four years ago. The main change I note is that I am saving approximately £3000 per year.
    The change was entirely painless, just like changing to another brand of cigar. I will never revert to cigars as there is no point, as long as vaping as available, and is much cheaper.
    It's silly to suggest vaping should be available on the NHS. If you can afford cigarettes you can certainly afford vaping.
    As regards disadvantages of vaping, there is not necessarily a smell. There are a multitude of silly perfumes available which you have to avoid, but if you do there is no smell, or there is a slight pleasant smell. My wife forbade my smoking in the house, but she is unconcerned about vaping - guests do not notice anything. Having said that I know there are some vapers who use devices which emit thick clouds of some sort of smoke, but they are going a bit far, I think.
    The reduced fire risk may seem unimportant, but it should be taken into consideration.

    The disadvantage, for me at least, is that it damages my voice. I can't sing as well as before. That would perhaps be curable by doing less vaping.
    I think that while vaping I have more or less overcome any addiction I had to nicotine. If for some reason I can't vape then I don't worry about it. I can't imagine going out in the middle of the night like I used to to get a cigar, in order to get some vape liquid. I'd just wait until the morning.
    Of course, vaping may have as yet unknown dangers which have not been discovered as yet, but the same goes for carrots..
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  6. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    Well done. Willpower wins out.
  7. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Can I please have pinot noir on prescription?
    There's evidence red wine is good for you and it's not as harmful as whiskey.
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  8. anotherauntsally

    anotherauntsally Lead commenter

    Or even

  9. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I'd like to have the money to take up vamping or vapping, but for now I can only afford vaping.
    I gave up the tobacco years ago, but as Vince says, I've an oral fixation, and a nicotine habit to boot.
    The vaping that generates clouds of vapour is due to a higher ratio of VG to VP. Some people vape using e-juice that contains no nicotine.

    I don't know that providing e-cigs on the NHS is the solution. All e-cigs have done for me is give me a convenient, much cheaper, nicer smelling and tasting way to remain a nicotine addict.

    I never vape in public. My e-cig stays at home. I use nicotine gum at work and when out and about.
  10. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

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  11. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    And any MP who promotes the use in the NHS might get a nice retirement position?
  12. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I use a high VP ratio mix which results in hardly any vapour.
  13. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter


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  14. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Glumping? ;)
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  15. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    My life is becoming ever more restricted as the prevalence of perfumes increases. Public toilets routinely use those disgusting puffer things which send out a squirt of poison every couple of minutes (I have a friend who has one in her house! Gross). People wear ever stronger and more lingering perfumes and perfumed products. Cleaning products are used more and more and have ever more powerful smells. I just want to breathe unpolluted air, without the smells other people want to fill it with, whatever their origin. I'd ban all artificial perfumes, scented candles, oil diffusers, the lot. It feels as if the modern world is determined to be the destroyer of our good healthy lungs by forcing chemicals on us which our bodies can't avoid ingesting.
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