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E-AQA rant !

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by nickhazell, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. So glad it's not just me!

    All the data is there, but you can't just pull up a spreasheet of everyone's marks, instead we had a slightly timewasting 10 minutes of, "ok, so write down what you got for this question...now this one...now this one".

    AQA need to have a quick look at edexcel's online facilities - soooo much better.
  2. hi

    i copied and pasted into excel spreadsheet, worked ok.

  3. Ahhaaaaaaaaaa....stumbled accross the whole breakdown of results in a spreadsheet

    It's hidden amongst the enhanced section (at the bottom of results) - the spreadsheet just looks initially like it gives the mak, UMS & grades... but if you scroll accross several columns - you will eventually get to see each Q mark per student and nat. average & similar school averages.
    I used this to then create a mail merge to hand out to every student - including the exam Q's (from paper) & their marks .....

    It kept the 'darlings' quiet for a bit - super individualised, explicit data that they can't hide from.
    They can clearly identify strengths & weaknesses in knowledge, calculations & evaluation skills that way!
    Just a pity e-AQA can't make the results section simpler to negociate around... a clear message to have 'fitness for purpose' .....
  4. A pity AQA can't hire examiners who apply their own mark schemes properly.
  5. AS/A2 or just in general?
  6. Wow, I think they've added that in VERY recently, I looked everywhere for something similar and couldn't find it.

    Debbie, how do you get the exam Q's on your mail merge? Do you have to type them in somewhere? I like the sound of what you've done.....
  7. Oh A2 of course, the most critical exams. Absolutely disgusting. Lots of papers recalled. The examiner in question obviously has no clue. We're not talking a grade out, we're talking 3 or 4... Speaking to members of other centres in the area we are not alone.

    My AS results were excellent however.
  8. Interesting - my A2 results were disappointing - Cs and Ds from students who got high As at AS. Thought it was just me!
  9. Not just you my friend. Something untoward has happened in my opinion... be it human error, incompetent examiners, radical changes to marking, something sinisterly political or genuinely a very, very tough paper.
    Having seen a lot of my students recalled papers... I can strike out a fair few of the above possibilities! =(

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