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Dyslexic teacher support group

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lmackintosh3, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. lmackintosh3

    lmackintosh3 New commenter

    I am searching for an online support group for primary teachers who have dyslexia. Any ideas?
  2. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    Contact your union's head office and ask to speak to the Equality department. Every union as an equality team and the disabled teachers forum may be able to put you in touch with another teacher who has dyslexia and who has come up with innovative ways to teach literacy based subjects. I think a lot of it is planning well in advance and planning for your disability, e.g. what problems may come up when teaching in the classroom. There are many voice assisted devices which you can use to

    a. prepare lessons and
    b. check your lessons for errors

    I am sure there is a lot more technology to support you. Don't dwell too much on the negatives of dyslexia, focus too on the benefits and how you can excel your students in spacial awareness and art. Teachers should be all types not just one prototype. Also google

    Teaching with Dyslexia
    Working with Dyslexia
    Disguising Dyslexia
    Coping with the anxiety of having Dyslexia etc. The anxiety will cause you more problems than the Dyslexia itself.

    And I am sure you will find a wealth of ideas from really awesome people who have had amazing careers with Dyslexia before all the new technology has come in.

    Best of luck and believe in yourself:)

    You know you can do it!

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  3. lmackintosh3

    lmackintosh3 New commenter

    Hi Cat
    Thank you for your response, it has made me feel more positive about teaching and working with my dyslexia. I will try the union, as you suggested, for contacts.
  4. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    Good luck with doing that. Remember, not all disabled teachers choose to disclose their disabilities and register with their unions and offer to help other teachers, but you may be lucky in finding someone that teachers your specialism that has. Also remember to make use of the charities that deal with dyslexia and their helplines for advice.
  5. grasshopper2000

    grasshopper2000 Occasional commenter

    I am dyslexic too and just qualified as a primary teacher. I couldn't find anything when I looked.

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