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Dyslexia test in school??

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Marm0010, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Marm0010

    Marm0010 New commenter

    Is there a standard test that a primary school senco could do in school to give an indication of dyslexia or is it something that has to be done by an outside agency? I'm very confused after hearing a few different opinions!

    Thank you x
  2. There are many tests for dyslexia. Dyslexia Action and the BDA are good web-sites to get checklists.
    I posted a checklist and Top Tips for Dyslexia a couple of weeks ago. Happy to send to you if you want.
  3. Fuzzybrainjo

    Fuzzybrainjo New commenter

    I've just bought in the Lucid Rapid and Lucid Lass to help gives me some indication and help with children's weaknesses and strengths, have looked at the test on there myself and i think it is ggoing to be beneficial.

    Our LEA does not give a diagnosis as such of dyslexia, they will say a child fits the criteria of dyslexia. Our Education Psychologist or a member of the Specialt Teaching service can do an assessment and say if a child fits the criteria.
  4. An alphabetic code assessment and assessments to see how they blend words for reading and segment words for spelling, plus spelling, plus handwriting - would be good starting points.
    I have some free assessments for these things which I'll provide a link for.
    Although they are part of a programme I have written, they can still be used generically.
  5. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

  6. Hi ,
    At the school I used to work at we discovered this great company called Smart Cat learning. They have a program for parents and then also one available for schools. I really do recommend them both. My sister used the parents one which is made up of 12 games which you can take part as and when you want, you dont have to do them all at the same time.
    The one for schools is at its sister company and you can find that at

    Hope people find it as useful as we have

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