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Dyslexia Assessments for sale

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by laura2991, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. laura2991

    laura2991 New commenter

    I have a range of assessments for sale due to changing jobs. I have a Writ, CTOPP2, TOWRE-2, DASH AND DASH 17+, WRAT4 all used only a couple of times. Can be sold as full kit or separately. Please contact if you're interested.
  2. joanrowe

    joanrowe New commenter

    How much are you looking for .. thanks?


  3. laura2991

    laura2991 New commenter

    Hi Joan, are you after an individual test or the whole set?
  4. hully1

    hully1 New commenter

    I'm interested.
    Not sure how we contact each other?
  5. laura2991

    laura2991 New commenter

    You can email me on laura_brown91@hotmail.co.uk if that is easier to navigate? I find the conversations on here quite difficult to keep up with
  6. rachelelizabethm

    rachelelizabethm New commenter

  7. laura2991

    laura2991 New commenter

    Sorry Rachel, all sold now
  8. CherNeves

    CherNeves New commenter

    Hi there. If these are still for sale, i would like to buy them pls.
    I need the following
    DASH 17+

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