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Dynamo: magician impossible

Discussion in 'Personal' started by remyk69, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Anyone watching this, currently on 'Watch'?

    Can't figure out how he is doing the things he is doing.
  2. Anyone watching this, currently on 'Watch'?

    Can't figure out how he is doing the things he is doing.
  3. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    No I missed it but what I want to know is how they actually blew up the Deathstar. There is no way that the schematics smuggled by Princess Leia could have enough detail to extrapolate that an x-wing fighter could propogate an explosion into the hypermatter reactor through that little hatch. No way at all!
  4. mostly haven't a clue, but have managed to work out a couple. ( and have been put into practice down the pub!)
  5. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Use The Force Lurk.
  6. He is amazing - my OH says he uses a marshall arts technique that harnesses his inner energy to do some of his physical stuff (don't ask me - I haven't a clue) But some of it really looks impossible doesn't it?
  7. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    I've watched a few and he is very clever. There were two in a row on the other night and watched the first (with the walking on water) but couldn't watch the 2nd because my head may have exploded from the frustration of not being able to work out how he does it!

    Entertaining stuff, would love to see it live.
  8. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Loads of stuff on youtube. Watch him travel through a solid glass shop window with Rio ferdinand looking on.
  9. I cant remember who posted above to say they have worked a few out, but PLEASE enlighten us!
  10. Last night he was on Radio 1. Several days before the show he sent a locked and taped up box to the show and asked the presenters to look after it. On the show he asked if they had the daily papers. He then asked the presenter to pick any paper, then pick a good news story. He was then given the key to the box. When it was opened there was a piece of paper with the story from that days paper hand written on it.

    How could he know what the news would be 6 days later?
    How could he know which paper would be chosen?
    How could he know which story would be chosen?
    The presenters were baffled and whilst they were trying to figure it out, Dynamo simply got up and walked out of the studio. Next time he was seen he is sat in his car listening to the show on Radio 1.

    Now I've tried to explain it, why not simply watch it.


  11. Ok getting a strong person to lift you then saying'Look at me' and then they can't...
    First time, stand in close- so easy for someone to lift you- 2nd time sneakily take a step back and then lean forward, so when they try to lift you under the arms your centre of gravity is beyond their reach and it becomes impossible to be lifted.
    ( That's the one I did in the pub)
    The other one was where he grabbed a bit of some blokes T shirt and burnt it, but... then it wasn't burnt. He had a piece of black cloth in his fist ( all hidden of course- he is very quick and extremely clever) That was what he burnt, and then disposed of it.
    I was with my son and he worked out a few too, but can't remember-
    But, on the whole I have NO IDEA how he does it, but we see what we want to see. Derren Brown explained a lot of his tricks, and after watching , you felt like a real mug for not having seen it.
    When Dynamo asks people to think of a place and they magically get it right, he may have asked 100 people before, and those clips don't end up in the show . Anyone see theD Brown where he got this woman to bid on horses and every time she won, then he got her to bet a ton of money on the last race. She thought she was invincible and lost it (TV repaid I believe.) He had got hundreds of people to bet. ( 6 races I think so it was 6 to the power of 6) each time 5 people dropped out as their horses didn't win, but of course, one person won through and thought it was luck, where it was pure chance.

  12. What about the phone in the bottle? He gets a phone from someone and an empty beer bottle from another. Then smashed the phone up against the bottle and it gets stuck inside the bottle. He is careful to empty all the last drips out of the bottle holding it upside down, first. He must be doing that to distract your attention away from something he is doing, but what i have no idea. The stunts he does are very impressive, like the walking on water. I think the 'police' boat that picked him up and took him away was his helpers. But what he had under the water to do the walking on I don't know.
  13. He's emptying it out because the 'trick' bottle is empty.

    My housemate is into Magic, and some of the simplest things fool people.

    How do you know what's going to be in a newspaper? Well it's silly season, not a lot on so most 'happy' things are about the olympics. Easy to get a paper to print a story like that espetially in the metro - you might even get to see the mock up before they run it.

    It's like the plane crash prediction

    In the next year there will be a plane crash, the plane that crashes will have red in it's tail fin
  14. The one with the window can be explained by the fact that when he hid behind the coat - there was someone blocking the exit,wearing a thick heavy coat, so all he had to do was crawl round and pop up on the other side, but...people say they saw him do it and I don't know whether they saw him hide on one side of the window and pop up on the other side as we did - or actually go through the window. Wait a minute - it is impossible to actually go through glass without breaking it isn't it? So they couldn't have seen him do it!
  15. msmuse

    msmuse New commenter

    Bumped, because I am amazed (I'm a Dynamo virgin). Tonight he asked people to hold their hands over their mobile phones and think of a person in their phonebook. Then they had calls from that person. How? Amazing stuff [​IMG] Everything he does is seemingly inexplicable!
  16. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    and he walked through a steel gate!
    I know there are explanations for some, some might be judicious editing on TV but there are some things I just have NO IDEA!
    ( Mind you, being from Bradford is a skill in itself!!)

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