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Dynamo French - Interview prep SOS

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by JRBoyd, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. JRBoyd

    JRBoyd New commenter


    I am currently a trainee teacher, preparing for an interview for an NQT job that I really, really want!

    My interview class is a revision lesson for high achieving year 7s working on writing / opinions about school subjects. I have not worked with the text book they are using before, so I'm not confident of what grammar they will have covered and what they won't have come across! I really don't want to confuse them or throw anything new at them, as this is supposed to be an revision lesson!! Anyone able to advise on the grammar covered in Dynamo 1 modules 1&2?? For example, are they likely to have done any verb conjugation?

    Any advice gratefully received! :) I'm open to learning!

    Many thanks!!

  2. smljlp

    smljlp New commenter

    They should be able to use er verbs and say opinions such as c'est difficile/facile etc.

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