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Duologues for GCSE boys

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by rb79, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. There are some great duologues between Mickey and Eddie in Blood Brothers.
    • When they first meet at 7yrs old.
    • When they meet as school pupils and discuss how Mickey should tell Linda that he loves her.
    • The final scene in the council chambers
    Oldies but Goddies I think!

  2. The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter works well
    Spidermen, by Ursula Rani Sarma from the National Theatre Connections 2006 set
    The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh has a nice scene between the brothers.
  3. The Government Inspector by Gogol
    The Birthday Party by Pinter
    Burying Your Brother in the Pavement by Thorne
    Bouncers by Godber (would need some serious pruning, but fairly easily)
  4. Blue Remembered Hills (It will never go away!)
    Opening scenes with Peter and ***** and the Peter and Donald scene in the barn
  5. Thanks so much everyone. Can't believe I didn't come up with Blue Remembered Hills - clearly it's that point in the term! All of your suggestions were really helpful
    Thank you x

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