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Dundee Uni PGDE Interview Presentation

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by heathermac21, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I have had official offer through gttr today ;-) oh a waiting list, wonder what that means? Surely limited places again this year?
  2. Hey everyone, congrats to all who got in!!! I had my interview with Dundee also but unfortuately was unsuccessful :-( total gutted but was just wondering if anyone could lend any advice on how i can improve (and basically get into teacher training lol), think it was my interview that let me down even though i felt i did better at my interview this year than i did last year. the feedback i got was a bit vague and didnt really indicate anything that i could improve on. Still waiting to hear back on a couple of applications but not getting my hopes up just in case. I know i really want to do primary teaching, i have been working towards it since i left high school and feel i have a real passion for teaching. Dundee commented on how much experience i have so i know that this is not something i need to drastically improve on, so will continue with my classroom placement. Was planning a gap year teaching english over summer if i dont get in this year. Any advice would be much appreciated and good luck to all those starting in September!!!
    Many thanks x
  3. Hi

    I got an unconditional offer today. I cannot believe it, after pretty much telling myself I didnt get in, I am over the moon. Sorry to hear about those who didnt get a place. I would imagine the waiting list will be used to fill places for people who either dont accept their place on the course, or if they had been offered a conditional place and dont meet the conditions of the offer.
    I know its extremely hard, but I wouldnt put yourself down fairy_88. There were probably more than 1000 applicants and you did very well to get to the last few. There were only 40 places, so not getting a place doesnt mean that you werent any good, on the contrary. I hope you dont give up on your dream and you will get there, just stick at it. Good luck with your other applications.
  4. Fairy_88,
    Sorry you didn't get in this year. I know how upsetting it is when it happens. I can give you some notes that I made for the interview this year if you think that would help.
  5. Are you sure? that would be really helpful!! Thank you so much! No i wont give up on my dream i know its the job i will love even tho it is a challenging one, if at first you dont succeed...
  6. fairy_88
    No problem. If you give me your e mail address via the e mail thing here, I can send you some notes.
  7. Congratulations klr1! All that worrying finally over!
    Sorry to hear you weren't successful fairy_88. If you send me your email address too i will send you some of the things i used too. Dont give up. I'm sure someone with your dedication will get there
    Michelle x
  8. Thanks so much thats really helpful, thanks for the encouragement i wont give up! And best of luck with starting the course! x
  9. Hi
    I think the best tip I got from my local head teacher about doing my presentation was to make it engaging. She said if I could incorporate a question to the interviewers within my presentation this would engage them, rather than just talk at them. I did this and it was really successful. She also told me to wear something bright so that you stick in their minds more than the next person (I wore red top and shoes!). I am not sure what age you are, but I am a bit older and I used the fact that I had lots of life experiences that I could draw on which I think was important for me in my interview. If your feedback didnt give you any real information of where you went wrong, I would take from that that you actually didnt do anything wrong, it was just unfortunate that there were so few places. I think had there been more then you probably would have got in. I would offer you my notes, but to be honest much of what I prepared I didnt use in the interview. If you show compassion, an understanding of the challenges a teacher faces, and talk about how you like to learn new things - a teacher learns new things everyday, then this may help. The only other big thing I talked about in my interview was how teachers play a big part in development of social skills, something I wasnt aware of until I did my school experience. As a parent, I would expect it to be my responsibility to teach my children social skills, however, its amazing how much this is a part of the teachers role too. This is what I did anyway, hope it is of some help.

    Kathryn (klr1)
  10. Thank Kathryn,
    i see what you mean about the question in the interview, i did my presentation on snow and tried to show how this could easily be incorporated into the curriculum, this was suggested by my friend who is on her probabtionary year, on the day i ended up going over the time limit as for some strange reason i added something in. Suppose its all experience at the end of the day. I felt that after th interview i came away feeling like i wanted to tell them more and that there wasnt any questions that fitted what i wanted to tell them about my passion for teaching etc.
    Im 22, so tried to reflect on school experiences and my current job as a playworker in an after school club. In the following year i will just try to get as much experience as i can, as soon as ive finished my honours degree in may going to a course so i can teach english as a foreign language with the hope i can go abroad to teach so this will be something i can reflect on.
    Thanks for your help will take your advice on board for next time! Kathryn are you currently on the PGDE?

    mm79 and escott16 i have emailed you my email, hope it works as first time i have sent an email on here before!
  11. Hi
    I just did my interview for PGDE in January and start in Aug. I have an honours degree in Physics and Biology. It sounds like your interview went well. I did my presentation on Physical Activity in school and its link with the Health and Wellbeing part of the curriculum. Its something I am really interested in and I found some statistics on the internet about how many schools were achieving the 2hrs/week govt recommendations. This is how I managed to link in my questions to the interviewers. The only other thing I can think of which may help future applications is to speak with the head teacher of your local school. I did my volunteering in my local school so knew the head teacher anyway, but found a meeting with her extremely helpful in my preparation for interview.
    Your doing all the right things - I'm sure your foreign language option will be an excellent stepping stone for teaching, best of luck.
  12. Fairy, it is really disheartening not getting in, I was unsuccessful last year and it made me work all the harder for this years interview, you sound really dedicated so I am
    Sure next year will be better for you! I did my presentation on outdoor learning, I linked it to the cfe, my experience in the school I volunteer in and my own job (nursery nurse). I ensured my passion came across and I also managed to mention my unsuccessful decision from last year and they asked me a bit about that and what I had done differently. All the best :)

    Is anyone from fife that is starting in august? Looking at last years dates it looks like middle of august we start and will find out definite dates April time? Exciting :)
  13. Hi Heathermac21,
    Which part of Fife are you from? I'm in Dalgety Bay. See you in August.
    Elaine :)
  14. Hi
    I contacted Gillian French and the course starts on Thurs 17th August and the hours are 9-5pm. There is no student parking and all local parking is really expensive (NCP costs around £8 a day!!).
    My mum n dad live in Hillend and grandparents in Dalgety Bay!! Thats a fair journey to travel from Dalgety Bay every day. I live in the Angus area though, so not so bad for me.
  15. Hi Kathryn,
    I think I'm just going to have to prepare myself for early mornings and late evenings on the train. I think I'll probably have to take the train to Dundee - way too expensive between petrol and parking to drive! Keep telling myself that it's only for half the first year and all my placements will be within walking distance (aye right!!!).

    Can't wait to start and meet everyone. I think our local schools start back on the 17th - should make the childcare a bit easier!
  16. Hi

    I wrote Thurs 17th, its actually Thurs 18th August the course starts! Schools in Angus go back on the 16th. I live in a tiny village, so my childcare is a complete nightmare. No after school club or anyone willing to pick up or drop off in Monikie! Tried it all when I was working and had to leave work as the childcare was so impossible. How I am going to sort it this time I will never know, fingers crossed, as I am definately not giving up this place on the course thats for sure.
    I've decided to take the bus as the parking is too expensive - will have to drive to Monifieth to get the bus as the buses from Monikie to Dundee are only every 2 hours. Is anything ever straight forward?!?!?

  17. Hi everyone!

    I've just found this thread - I'm a bit late in the game but thought I'd say hi anyway! I found out last week that I got a place, soooo happy! I'm from Fife too but living in Dundee at the moment and will be next year too. How many people are they actually letting onto the course this year? Looking forward to meeting you all! [​IMG]

  18. Hi
    There are only 40 of us getting a place at Dundee Uni this year, so well done for getting in. Very excited, but also dreading the work load, but hey, its only a year, and I'm sure we will survive.

  19. Congratulations too Ailsa. Its so exciting isnt it?
    I live in Dundee so I'm quite lucky with the travel situation. Its only a 10-15 minute drive for me into city centre.
    Really looking forward to starting and meeting everyone.
    Michelle x
  20. sorry to hear this--i failed three times last year--secondary English--soo heartbreaking--good luck for next interview-i have an interview on 21st march==wish me luck!!!

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