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Dundee Uni PGDE Interview Presentation

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by heathermac21, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. a wouldn't worry about it being ages. I never got told last year until may!! Hehe and it was a big fat smelly unsuccessful!! Hehe annoying eh. Suppose we can't all get a place but let's hope we all do on this would be nice if we all met up in august!! Xx piper09
  2. I wouldn't be so tired of waiting for an answer if people would stop asking me if I'd heard anything yet... I really can't see a good reason for it to take this long. It's very unprofessional of them.
  3. soo here we go wel hear this week..................nerves kicking in..... last of the no's and all the yes's :( good luck everyone post and let us know how u all get on!! :)

  4. Hi
    Its half term at the moment, so I would imagine that the Uni is off too. If that's the case then we may not hear until mid/end of the week.
  5. It depends where you are, in Dundee the schools are split depending on catchment area. Some of them had half term last week and some this week. Don't think the uni shuts for it though. Uni's usually just have standard holidays.
    So, lets begin another week of waiting, lets hope its the start of the week and not the end!
    Good luck to everyone, would be good if all of us on here got in!
  6. Yes it would be good Michelle, whos to say that we never spoke or seen each other on the interview day??? haha would be nice to meet everyone on here. Most of the schools go back tomorrow so we should hear this week apparently they have until the 28th of the month. Weve waited this long am sure another week will just have to do..... although i betya this week is the longest of them all.

  7. Hi everyone!
    I received a phone call from Dundee Uni this morning to confirm something on my application this morning and was told that I have a conditional place on me achieving INT 2 Maths! I'm so happy! Over the moon! She said that all offers were going out this week and GTTR will be updated by Friday at the latest.
    Good luck to everyone xx
  8. Oh, I cant stand this much longer. I have decided that my result must be a negative one or I would have had a phone call like you all did. Surely it doesnt take more than a day to call 40 people?!?!?!?! I'm guessing that those getting a place get a phone call and those not will hear through GTTR. I've heard through neither, but decided it must be bad. Someone put me out of my misery so I can plan my life. Aaargh.
  9. Congrats by the way to those that got a place.
  10. Congrats to you all, i am on the same boat as you Klr1 im freaking out now and having the same thoughts as you on the situation although i think well find out tomorrow.

    Well done again to those of you who have got ur places! it was a long hard road you all should be proud!

  11. Also elaine how did u find out about your unconditional offer did they phone you or was it on gttr????? well done!
  12. Hi Piper09,
    Gillian French phoned me yesterday to tell me about the offer. She said GTTR will be updated by Friday. Hope yours is good news too!
  13. Congratulations Elaine! Great news.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both Piper09 and Kir1 that you get good news today.
  14. Well done to everyone who has got a place! I am still waiting to hear and fearing the worst. Fingers crossed though, you never know. :)
  15. Hi
    The nerves and stress got too much for me so I phoned Gillian French and asked for my result over the phone. She said that it would be available through the GTTR website on Friday or Monday. I queried why others had had their result via a phone call and therefore why couldnt I get my result over the phone too and she said that only those that she had a query with did she call to clarify the query and give them the result. So, anyone who hasnt yet heard, should take something positive from this. Just because we havent heard like the few others, doesnt necessarily mean we havent got a place. Well, thats what I am telling myself anyway!!

    Good luck all.

  16. it still doesnt help tho! i phoned as well today and was told friday or monday. Not that great that there telling some and not others! hmmmm ok well u know what its only 2 days away or maybe 5 days away! nothing in comparison to what weve waited already!!! good luck to all those still waiting! thanks michelle for keeping fingers crossed!!! xxx[​IMG]
  17. Klr1 and piper09 i honestly am hoping that you both get in too. Would be lovely if all of us here get in. Maybe they just told people that they had queries on? Both of you might be lovely unconditionals! Its only tomorrow to get through now and i'll keep checking on Friday to see your news. Stay positive! You've got this far!
  18. Yeah it would be nice if everyone got in! Really feel for you guys still waiting, hopefully you hear sooner rather than later, fingers are crossed for all that havn't heard!
    I phoned again today to confirm offer as the phonecall was a bit of a blur, and she confirmed I have an unconditional offer. My phonecall was to check that it was int2 Maths I have, so does look like they have only phoned people that they are querying!

    Heather :)
  19. Thank you sooo much heather and michelle!! knowing me il prob find out on the monday!!! xxx
  20. I just received a letter this morning saying that I was on the waiting list. Has anyone else been told this?

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