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Dundee Uni PGDE Interview Presentation

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by heathermac21, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I havn't yet!
  2. I found out today that I was unsuccessful. I'm feeling really very down about it, especially since I felt my interview seemed to go well, and the feedback they gave me on my presentation was very positive.
    This was my second year of applying as well which I think makes it even harder to take, after failing to get in last year I made the financial sacrifice to only work part-time (in an after school club) this year so that I had mornings free to spend volunteering in schools. I really don't know what more I could have done, and I certainly can't afford to not work full-time next year so will struggle to gain any more experience.
    I do realise that Government cuts make primary teaching an especially difficult career to get into at the moment and I always knew that my chances would be slim, but it is still very disheartening.
    I do however have an interview at UWS on 25th February, so this has definitely spurred me on to work really hard to prepare for that and at least all hope for this year is not lost!
  3. Sorry to here you were unsucessful :( I was aswell. This was only my first year of applying and I still have to finish my higher english so wasn't holding out much hope. But at least I tried, there is always next year for me. C'est le vie and all that.
    Good luck for UWS :)
  4. I was unsuccessful too and was also my 2nd year of trying to get a place. Absolutely gutted as felt my interview had gone well.
  5. Sorry to hear that you all heard you were unsuccessful yesterday. I'm still waiting to hear. Not feeling too great about it all today. I'm sure it'll be yet another day of checking track repeatedly.
  6. Hi

    Sorry to hear that you were unsuccessful. For those of you that have heard, how did you find out, was it through Track on GTTR or did you get a letter? I had my interview on 20th Jan and still havent heard anything.
  7. I got an email from GTTR saying something on my application had changed, so I checked track and found my unsuccessful. I saw on another post somewhere someone had got feedback about their interview in the post but I haven't yet... has anyone else?
  8. Yes I received my feedback today, I emailed the uni to ask for it.
  9. hey did u get a score with your feedback?
  10. Did you just email the same email address you had to send your confirmation of interview attendance to?
  11. I still havnt heard anything from dundee or gttr just waiting on unsuccessful coming through for a second time ..... really hoping that i dont see it though, a unconditional would be the best! was there a point scoring system? when you got ur feedback back did they say anything else to you???
    Wish everyone best of luck
  12. I spoke to Gillian French at the Uni today to see if she could give me an idea of when I would find out the result of my interview last week. She said that they were hoping to get the rest of the decisions out by the end of this month.
    Fingers crossed we all get some good news soon.
  13. Hi Elaine i hope you are right. The thing is i keep thinking last year i made the shortlist but the shortlist could be like the final 50 people outa 120 so thats still 10-15 people that still need a unsuccessful so i could still be one even if it takes longer to find out. [​IMG] its just horrible waiting.
    The end of the month is still ages away im hoping its more like 16th of feb like gttr said! hehe impatient !

    Anyways hoping we all get good news.

    Piper 09
  14. Hi Piper 09
    I made the shortlist too last year and was gutted when a score of 15.5 out of 16 didn't get me a place. You're right it is horrible waiting, but no news is good news etc... If I don't get in this year, I probably wouldn't try again (can't take the pressure). Just keep telling myself that we did really well to get an interview this year - doesn't help much when you want something really badly though [​IMG].
    Here's hoping we all meet up in August.
  15. Hi everyone,
    This wait is getting tiring now. Just want to know either way so that I can move on. Elaine, that is horrible that you found out you only missed a place by half a point. I think i'd rather not know how much I missed a place by. If i'm unsuccessful I dont think i'll apply again next year either. I gave my application and interview everything and dont know if i've got it in me to do another one!
    Good luck to everyone, lets hope we hear this week
  16. Hi

    I was managing to cope with the waiting not too badly until I found out that people were getting a decision. Since then I have been checking constantly. I wont be applying again next year if I dont get in this time, I did as well as I could ever have done so re-applying wouldnt be worth it unless they increased the number of places available.
    Good luck everyone[​IMG]

  17. Still no word today! This wait is awful!
  18. Still no word again today..............i have a funny feeling im gonna get told soon. like this week some time but who knows it could just be me getting impatient and panicing again!! Gttr said if the uni asks for an extension a letter will be sent to us all. Anyone got one?? When they inform you that your status has changed on the gttr page does the email go to your own one or the dundee one??
  19. Hi
    The longer it goes on the more negative I feel about the result. I am sure the email will go to your home email address and perhaps a copy to the Uni one. I havent had a letter so far. How can it take so long?!!?!?!??!?
  20. Hi everyone,
    Another day of nothing!
    I'm exactly the same. Everyone keeps saying to me "no news is good news" but its not for everyone is it? The longer we're kept waiting the more I'm going over and over my interview in my head and picking holes at it. I just want to know now. Getting so fed up :(

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