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Dundee Uni PGDE Interview Presentation

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by heathermac21, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the reply :) I've decided to go with something different than inclusion, cause I think it best that I talk about something I know a fair bit about and have experience of, so when the nerves make me forget the presentation I can just wing it lol.
    Silly question but did you sit down when giving your presentation or stand up?

  2. I was sat down too. I was in a tiny office to do mine so there was hardly enough room for 3 people without one of us standing up! They were honestly lovely and did their best to put me at ease. It was over and done with in the 20 minutes they said it would take. The hardest part now is the wait to see if I've got in! They said we wouldnt find out until the end of March to find out. Cant believe they are making us wait so long for a decision!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Going over some interview prep just now and doing some more work on my presentation. Not sure which part I'm more worried about, I haven't done a presentation in what seems like ages lol. They only have two interview dates so I don't know why it will take them to the end of march unless they are waiting to find out how much funding they are getting for place numbers :S
    Got a girly question now: what was everyone wearing?? I got an outfit today : grey smart trousers and a crop sleeve shirt, I hope that will be formal but not overly formal :S

  4. Oh I didn't ask when we would hear!! Is that when they said?! That's so long I don't think i can cope!
    So little places for so many great people so fingers crossed for all!!!
  5. I didnt even ask, the woman that interviewed me said that they had been advised to let applicants know that we wouldnt hear until then and that there would be no point in phoning the university to find out as they would give out no information..... Unless it was a ploy to stop getting millions of phone calls a week!
    I wore a suit with a nice plain coloured top underneath but i took my jacket off when I went in to the actual interview as it was so hot!
    Most people when I was there either had suits on or trousers and shirt/blouse. I'm sure you'll be fine Emsbeth. Just keep thinking that it'll go quickly and that they are nice :)
  6. Hey mm79, thanks for the reply. I read onone of the other threads not sure if it was for dundee of anothr uni, but that they are looking for five minute answers??

  7. Oh I didnt know that! My answers definitley didnt take 5 minutes each! I had an answer for all the questions but didnt go as far as talking that long. Hope they werent looking for that or i've definitely no chance :(
  8. Was it the usual sort of questions like Why you want to teach and What skills you can bring? Did they ask about current educational issues?
    I am stressing out about this, actually wishing it was sooner!!!
  9. Hey!!
    Hows everyone feeling about tomorrow?? I'm starting to get kinda nervous now :/ Can't wait for it all to be over, kinda excited about tomorrow as well tho :)
  10. Hi Emsbeth,
    I'm feeling excited too but also hoping I can control the nerves. Will be glad when its over.
  11. Well thats the interview over with. Felt it went well, the two people interviewing me were so nice and really helped me to feel at ease. They told me there were to be 120 people interviewed altogether and there will be 40 places.
    How did everyone else get on?

  12. Hey :)
    I thought the presentation wasn't too bad, but the interview itself was abit [​IMG] lol not sure I really osld myself, I was that nervous my mind went blan. The two interviewing me seemed nice, the head teacher put me at ease more than the person from the uni lol. Hopefully the time till march will speed past :)
  13. Hi guys,
    I had my interview today as well, I did feel that there were some things I could have/should have said but didn't get a chance to, but with only 20mins to sell yourself I guess that's always going to be the case, just hoping it was enough.
    I had an interview last year at Dundee too but was unsuccessful, if I remember rightly they interviewed about 280 people for the 40 spaces though, so I think we should all be especially proud for even getting an interview as it would seem not as many people did this year if it is correct that they are interviewing 120.
    Not looking forward to a potentially two month wait for an update now though!
    Best of luck to you all!
  14. Just wondering if there were just the 2 interview dates this year? Not heard anyone mention any others. The end of March seems an awful long time away if all the interviews have taken place now. I then thought it is probably to do with not knowing for sure the funding for places but I see from another discussion thread that the Government have now allocated the number of places for each uni.

  15. March does seem ages away! Someone i know, knows of someone who applied to Dundee aswell and have already heard they were unsuccessful, I have been constantly checking gttr!!
  16. Same with me always checking praying i dont see that word. However i spoke to the gttr today and they said dundee have to make a final decision by 16th of feb. so fingers crossed everyone xxx
  17. Hi Piper09,
    Thanks for sharing this, hopefully we all hear by then although from other threads from previous years I think uni's can ask for an extension. Lets hope this isn't the case.
  18. Thanks for letting us know that Piper09. I'm checking every day too. Sometimes 3 times a day! Getting very obsessed by it now. Here's hoping they do let us all know by then. I hate this wait as it prevents you from making any further plans for the rest of the year!
  19. I am definitely obsessed, checking gttr and on here all the time incase any of you guys have heard! 16th is next week so not too long, fingers crossed we hear this week!
  20. Has anyone heard anything about dundee pgde today?

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