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Dundee Uni PGDE Interview Presentation

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by heathermac21, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hi! Does anyone have any idea on what sort of topics they are looking for us to talk about for the Dundee PGDE interview? I have got an interview on the 20th January.
  2. Hi! Does anyone have any idea on what sort of topics they are looking for us to talk about for the Dundee PGDE interview? I have got an interview on the 20th January.
  3. Hi
    I also have my interview on the 20th january and have no idea on a topic? What time is your interview?
  4. Hi,
    I too have an interview on the 20th at 9:40 and stressing about my presentation topic, just not sure from what angle to approach it!
  5. Hi,
    I have an interview on the 20th also! Im not sure about the presentation, I couldn't work out whether it was meant to be of interest to the pupils or to staff. Ive decided its to be of interest to staff though so Im working on that...any luck deciding on a topic yet?
  6. Hi,
    I've got an interview on 20th also at 10.10am. I'm so nervous and stressing out about it. The presentation is really getting to me. 2 to 3 minutes isnt long but when it determines the rest of your career its definitely a big thing!
    What kind of visual aids are people using with theirs?
  7. Hi everyone,

    I am just wondering is this for the PGDE primary course as I have applied for that and still not heard anything. If so when did you get your application in?

  8. Hey mine is at 3:40! Am sooo scared not sure bout interview topics was tnkin about something like active learning or peer based learnin! :) will get it dne this wkend hpefully, :)
  9. Thank guys! yes I am thinking that relating CfE into whatever we speak about is a must! Not long now!
    I don't think that it is group interviews, people may have same interview times because more than one interview panel?
    I think that skills and qualities, why teaching, CfE will be covered, as well as questions about degree. Good luck everyone!
  10. Does anyone think we will be asked questions on our presentation topic afterwards?
  11. I think we might be. Maybe as to why you chose that particular topic etc.
    I'm so nervous now. 20 minutes to sell ourselves and thats it! Good luck to everyone and hopefully i'll be meeting up with you all in August!
  12. Yes, good luck all! I'm looking forward to getting Thursday out of the way - I have CfE coming out my ears!
  13. ha! completly know what you guys mean about curriculum for excellence. Ave been on placement all week through my current course so am not so nervous. what kinds of visual aids are you guys using. i have prepared like slides but in hard copy, if you know what i mean. Don't think it is group interview :) good luck xx
  14. Hey, how did everyone do today then? I was surprisingly quite pleased with how mine went. It was so informal and i didnt expect that. They two women I were with totally put me at ease. Cant believe we have to wait until the end of March to find out though!
  15. i was also quite happy at how mine went, the two interviewers were so relaxed and to settle me in we had a general chat about weather and that, so was put at ease straight away, was worried that we would have to do the presentation in front of other students as this is what i had to do at another uni last year. Happy with how i delivered the presentation. Cant believe its all over, was revising this for months and now its over so quick!! Good luck everyone.
  16. I have found out today that I have an interview on 2nd Feb. What sort of questions did they ask?
  17. ct328

    ct328 New commenter

    I got the email too! What sort of thing did they want from the presentation? I have a topic in mind, but it's more of an "issue within education" rather than something like The Vikings or whatever.

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know why they have 2 rounds of interviews? (i.e. some found out in December to interview yesterday, some found out today to interview 2nd Feb) The pessimist in me is starting to worry.
  18. I also found out today that I have an interview on the 2nd :/ not too sure what to do for my presentation lol. I was looking at something to do with inclusion but with only 2/3 mins don't know if I could cover what needs to be covered and it might come across as patronising. Did the people that had interviews yesterday do topics like this to do with educational issues, or did they do it more on what they could bring to teaching such as from their degree and make it relevent to teaching? How do you think your topic went down with the panel?

  19. Hey,
    I have another quick question, for the visual aid did people create hand-outs to give to the panel or a poster to display? Not too sure which route to go doan and I don't want to take a visual aid just for the sake of having one.
  20. I had my interview on the 20th, and I did my presentation on special needs education and inclusion, they said it was a good interesting topic :) I think I probably went over the 2-3 mins, but they don't make you feel like you need to rush or anything. It's really informal actually, the women who were on my panel were really nice and just let me talk to the end. I had mine printed off as slides from Powerpoint and then stuck onto some cardboard, but there wasn't anywhere to stand it up so I just had to hold it up which was a bit annoying because we were sat at a round table and the two women were in totally different directions from me so I didn't know where to point it! Hope you get on ok :)

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