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Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by haggis, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I live in Kirkcaldy and looking to apply for Primary PGDE starting 2012. Just wondering what everyones thoughts are re where to study? Any help would be great as its a really tough choice to make.
    Any insights on parking/course?
    Thanks x
  2. A little word of advice, if you're applying for Edinburgh then you need to have all your qualifications already in place at the time of applying, otherwise it won't even be looked at and you might run out of time for your next choice to consider your application. Edinburgh don't advertise this fact, as I found out (the hard way!!) last year. Good luck x
  3. My experience with Edinburgh wasn't very positive. They were looking for applicants with honours degrees (only have an ordinary degree), but they didn't bother to tell me that until I pestered them towhether I was to be offered an interview. Dundee were about to close their applications! To cut a long story short, they extended their application process by a couple of days due to bad weather and I am currently on the course there. I live in Dalgety Bay and drive to Dundee (there is free parking about 5 minutes walk away).
    Better get on with some work now (warning - it's a tough course)!!
  4. Many thanks for your speedy replies! I do have an honours degree but am currently sitting my int2 maths with the exam in may. This is really useful to have both your opinions and handy to know about the free parking as I'd heard parking @dundee was very expensive.
    Thats great news you got on to the course at dundee following the scenario at Edinburgh.
    I have 2 young children so wondered what the hours are like? I know they say Mon-Fri 9-5pm but wondered whether this is reality? Also where have you been allocated for your placements?
    Thanks xxxx
  5. Hours when at Uni are 9-5 most days except Wednesdays, when you can leave at 1 or 2. Hardly enough time for breaks on full days. It's really intense and apparently by Christmas holidays we'll all be like half shut knives!! I'm like that now! I have 2 young children too and there aren't enough hours in the day at the moment. It all sounds a bit negative, but that is the reality. You'll meet a great bunch of people and do things that you never imagined doing and if you can get through the post grad year, the sense of achievement (and relief) will be huge! I'm on placement for the next 4 weeks in a school in Kirkcaldy - which is fantastic. It's a great school with brilliant support from the staff. My next placement will be in January for 5 weeks (no idea where yet, and not likely to know until I get back to Uni in December). It is a great experience, but you really need to want to do it to take on the amount of work involved. Good Luck.
  6. Hi Haggis

    If you don't have your maths in place don't apply to Edinburgh, I was in the exact same situation last year! Luckily, Edinburgh rejected me in time for Strathclyde to consider my application and I'm on the course just now!

    When they say Mon-Fri 9-5 they do really mean it!! I'm in Mon-Fri 9-4 (but they can easily switch round tutorials so they advise you to keep your schedule clear until 5!) with occasional Wed afternoons off for self-study, but it's very intense and there's so much to cover in such a short space of time. On placement, the hours are pretty much the same!! I was in school for 8.35am each day and left anytime between 4 and 4.45pm, depending on tasks that needed to be done for next day, if the teacher needs assisting, etc. I'm lucky I got a placement 3 miles away, there are a few people in my tutorial group who have journeys of 1 1/2 hours, so you need to be prepared for that also.

    Good luck with your application x
  7. Hi Starmum! Thats great advice thanks! I was toiling between edinburgh and dundee so youve helped me make a decision. I dont think Strathclyde or Glasgow are within commuting distance as I live in Kirkcaldy, Fife. So it looks like it'll just be Dundee that I can consider.
    Thats great you got your placement so close to home! I bet this was a huge relief!
    The school my kids are at has a great (although expensive!) afterschool club so I can try and get them in to make sure I dont need to worry about rushing off after uni/placement.
    Are you enjoying the course?

  8. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Haggis - couple of things (I live in Fife too and am doing Secondary at Strathclyde.) Firstly, on the childcare, I've just found out that as a full-time student I qualify for one of the Fifestyle cards. There's a £5 fee, but I get a 15% discount on my 10 year old daughter's out-of-school club (it's the one run by the Council in Dalgety Bay - think there's similar in Kirkcaldy.)

    Secondly, it is incredibly hard work. I'm on placement just now, and I'm in school for about 8.15. I'm home around 4, but the last couple of days I've been working to 11, 12, and 10.30 (early night last night.) Only three days in and I feel like I've gone two rounds with Mike Tyson! Still, I keep telling myself that even if this year's hell then it'll be worth it in the long run!

    Strathclyde is - just - commutable, and it'll actually be better from August as they're moving to the city centre campus taking about 30 minutes off the commute. I think there's a direct bus from Kirkcaldy - there's definitely one direct train a day.
  9. Thats great advice thanks very much! Good to hear Fife help with something!
    I had heard that Strathclyde would be moving - is it commutable by car at all?
    I have also heard its very hard work but at the moment Im working full time, studying maths, working voluntary in school 2 mornings a week and a full time mum so I think I can handle it.....hopefully anyway!
    Thanks again!x

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