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Dundee 2011 Primary PGDE course

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by klr1, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I too have bought a few books (3) from the reading list and got 4 from the library. The 3 I bought I got for cheap on either playtrade or ebay, all are second hand but in perfect condition. I bought ones that sounded like they would be beneficial and I am not planning on buying more til we get advised from the lecturers which ones to get. I too am finding it difficult to actually read them though, think I've read 1/2 a book. My children are not giving me any opportunity and I am too tired in the evenings (I realise I wont be able to use that excuse for much longer either!!). I'm not really sure what they expect from us anyway in the weeks prior to starting.
    Is everyone going between 1.30 and 3pm for matriculation?
  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for letting me know. Money is tight for me at the moment as well so don't want to be buying books that we are not going to need. I think I will wait and see what the lecturers say as well.
    Jo x
  3. Hey everybody!
    I am going into post grad halls for the year and was wondering if anyone else is moving into them as well.

    Jo xx
  4. Hi Michelle,
    Do you know where you'll be parking when you go to uni. I was wondering if there was any free street parking within a reasonable walking distance. I'll be driving 100 mile round trip each day and am trying to cut the costs down - the city car parks are quite expensive!
    Elaine x
  5. Hi
    I think parking on the water front (near the train station on the other side of the road - between the road and rail bridge) would be the closest option for parking. I wont be driving myself as its cheaper for me to get the bus, but the waterfront will be 10-15min walk and there are heaps of spaces.
    I too am going to go to Camperdown next week with the children (was waiting to check the weather forecast for a dry day before deciding which day). I would be going after lumch as they have holiday clubs in the morning, so would be great to meet up with you if you were there too.
    I too am a bit nervous, 15 years since I was a student so a bit anxious. However, I am sure it will be fine.
  6. Hi all,
    Elaine, I will also need to park and walk, as far too expensive to pay to park. My husband works for Dundee Uni and he says there is free parking on some side streets off the Perth Rd. If you decide to meet up at Camperdown would be happy to come too, as I have 3 kids who are 10, 8 and 5 (2 boys and a girl). Do we have everything for matriculation, not sure what the certficate of acceptance is? I also haven't been a student for 15 years but looking forward to it. Not long now!!

  7. Hi Andrea,
    Good to hear from you. I think we are all meeting up next Tuesday at Camperdown (if I find it!)! I'll be going in the morning and sstaying until about 3pm. My children have to be at Edinburgh Airport for about 6. I'll PM you my mobile and email address.
  8. Hi there,
    Does anyone know what the certificate of acceptance is?

    Jo xx
  9. Hi

    I queried all the paperwork that we were told on our admission letter and I got a reply from the Uni and they told me all I needed to bring to matriculation was
    > - Admission Letter
    > - Passport or driving licence photo id card (including provisional)
    > - Proof of payment of fees, or your sponsor letter - SAAS award letter
    I had queried why I had to provide my certificates again and this is what he told me to bring - no mention of the certificate of acceptance (whatever that is).

  10. Hi again,
    I emailed this guy again and asked him what the cert of acceptance is and I will let you know.
  11. Did anyone else have a problem printing the attachment with the latest Dundee Uni email? It's the form where you have to stick the passport photo onto. I asked the Uni to send me a paper copy, but have had no luck so far and am getting worried about the fact that they need it back in order for me to matriculate!
  12. Hi
    I had no problem opening it, would forward you mine, but its got my name and student ref on it, so you would need to get yours from Uni. I would keep hounding them, ask them to scan a copy through and see if thats easier to open and print. It had written on it to be returned asap if I remember rightly, so keep chasing them.
  13. Hi Kathryn,
    Thanks for that. Just spoke to Nazeem in Admissions and she said I should just bring a passport photo with me on the Monday that we matriculate. I also asked her what the Certificate of Acceptance was and she said that it was irrelevant and that we don't need it.
  14. Hi
    Thanks Elaine. I got an email back about the certificate of acceptance today and it means the admissions letter that we all got sent.
    So, we need photo ID, admissions letter and SAAS award letter for matriculation.
  15. Hi everyone,
    I just got a call today offering me a place on the course! I had been on the waiting list but thought, by now, I wasn't going to get a place but with only 9 days until the start of the course I have been offered a place. I have to let Gillian French know by tomorrow whether I am going to accept it or not - I have a lot of thinking to do this evening!
    Just wondering if there is anyone who is travelling from the East Neuk area and who would be interested in car-sharing?
    Also - does anyone have any advise? Should I accept the place? I was really disappoinetd when I didn't get a place but I had got my head round it now and with my daughter starting school next week, it is a hard decision.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Hi Sara,
    Glad you accepted. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.
    Elaine x
  17. Hi
    Yes, great news Sara, see you Monday.
    Elaine, not sure if I will be through to meet you at 12pm Monday, I think my 2 children will be a bit bored by the time it comes to matriculation if I come through too early and they will just become irritable. I met Michelle and Andrea yesterday which was nice. As you will be with Michelle I know where to find you on Monday. Can't believe its all happening, February now seems a long time ago.
  18. Hello Kathryn,
    No problem. I'm only bringing one of my boys (the 2 of mine together for long periods of time - especially if it's not something they are interested in, can spell misery)!
    I'll see you at the Uni on Monday though. I'm just desperate to get started now and know that I'm going to be able to cope with it and the travelling.
    Elaine Xx
  19. Hello all,
    I have just watched this programme and thought it may be of interest to you. The last 15 minutes are particularly relevant but the whole thing is pretty interesting.
    Looking forward to meeting you all on Monday. So excited now!!

    Sara X

  20. Hi
    Well, the time has finally come.
    Good luck everyone, see you tomorrow.
    Kathryn x

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