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Dundee 2011 Primary PGDE course

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by klr1, May 6, 2011.

  1. Yeah I got the email too. Must admit I'm delighted too that its the 25th now. My daughter starts P1 too on the 17th so I was a bit upset that I wasnt going to be around for her first few days. So I'm happy with the later start. Not long now everyone!
    Michelle x
  2. Gillian French just confirmed with me that the Uni gave us the wrong start date in our e mail. We are infact starting on Thursday 18th August. It's the PGDE Secondary that are starting on the 25th August. I was really chuffed that I'd have an extra week to settle my children into their new school year - ah well.....
    Elaine x
  3. Yes, just read the email, must say I am gutted to be honest. Was really looking forward to the extra week settling in my daughter to P1 (and it made me feel less guilty about not being there for her the rest of the term).

  4. Oh no, that is really bad news for all of you that have little ones to settle in to school! Big commitments like this always end up interfering with other big events :-( HOpefully we will have our timetable soon :) only 6 weeks till I finish in my job!

    Heather :)
  5. I am actually gutted [​IMG] Rearranged all my childcare and everything due to the first email. Now need to change it back again. Ah well, i'm sure my wee girl will be fine without me there. Will probably make her less clingy seeing its her dad thats going to be taking her and picking her up instead of me.
    Cant wait to get the timetable Heather, will be nice to know what we're doing and when. Thats good you've only got 6 weeks left at work. Gives you a few weeks off before we start to relax before the constant workload!
    Michelle x
  6. Hi all
    Do you think we are getting a timetable? I just had a thought that perhaps the semester dates we received are all we are going to get?!?!?!? Hope we do get a timetable - does anyone know for sure?
    How exciting only having 6 weeks to go at work Heather.
    I get to take my daughter to her first 2 days in P1, then its over to the childminder, 2 days better than nothing I suppose.
  7. Hi
    I contacted Gillian French to find out if I could take my children along to the matriculation day and was told that I could and that it would take 30-45mins (and to bring the SAAS award notice - think I have got this, will need to check!). Also, I enquired about timetables etc and I was told that welcome material will be sent out to us in the near future with all the details.
    Just thought I would share it with you all.
  8. Hi everyone,
    I went in to the uni today to finally collect my documents for PVG thing and spoke to Gillian French. She is in the middle of sending out a welcome letter and draft timetable and we should be receiving this by the end of the week. There is also a reading list in with it too.
    So at least by the end of the week we should know a bit more.
    Michelle xx
  9. Hi
    Excellent news, thanks.
    Did you get asked to come and collect your documentation? I've not been asked to come and get mine yet.
  10. No they didnt ask, i emailed her and asked her at the end of last week as i needed something from my set of documents and she said they were all done. I'm sure if you just went in you would be able to get them as she just had them all the envelopes in a pile together.
    Michelle xx
  11. Hello, oh this will be good to have! Looking forward to receiving it! Can get my books bought in plenty time that way! I just emailed and asked if I could go in for my documents a few weeks ago also, and they were ready just to be collected! :)
  12. Well it's here!! What are we all thinking about the timetable? Looks good, very excited now!
  13. I'm very excited now too! Just cant wait to get started. It feels like its taken forever to come around. Just over a month now!
  14. Hi
    Not sure what I was expecting to receive, but this isnt it. Thought we would get a timetable for the year showing which schools we would be in etc not an hour by hour timetable for the first 2 weeks. So I am a little disappointed, but good to see what we will be doing in the very short term.
    I am off to Spain tomorrow, so more excited about that than the course right now. My daughter is ill though, so not a great start.
    Are we all matriculating at the same time - mine is between 1.30-3pm?
    See you all very soon.
  15. weegoose

    weegoose New commenter

    Don't get your hopes up about that! When I was on my course (BEd) some of us were lucky to find out the school 3 weeks before starting the placement!

  16. How is everyone, gone a bit quiet on here! Well, this time next month we'll all have started and be beginning to get to know each other. How's the reading going? I've made a start but finding it difficult to get into it when i'm looking after a 4 year old that talks nonstop 24 hours a day! At least when we start uni i'll get a break from that [​IMG]
    Hope everyone is well
    Michelle x
  17. Hi there,
    What books did u buy? I don't want to buy ones that wont be needed on the course.

    Jo X
  18. Hi Jo,
    I've not actually bought any yet, i've got them from the local library and am taking notes from them as I go. I'm not going to buy any until I start and find out from lecturers what ones are best to buy that we will really use. Money is tight so dont want to buy ones I wont be using all the time either.
    Michelle xx
  19. Hi Michelle,

    I have started reading too. I bought five books, four from the reading list and one which was highly recommended on Amazon. Can't wait to start now, seems like we have been waiting for a very long time!

    Rachael x
  20. Hi everyone. First time posting on here but thought I'd say hi before we all meet very soon! Cannot wait!! Eleanor x

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