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Dundee 2011 Primary PGDE course

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by klr1, May 6, 2011.

  1. Have you all received mail from the uni? I got an email asking if I was PVG registered and replied but that is the most have heard!
  2. My first choice of placement was West Fife (with a request to be place in a local school near or in Dalgety Bay). My fifth choice was Dundee City. I thought we had to use up all the options, but I really put a major emphasis on staying near my local area because of childcare and transport issues that I have!
    I spoke to Gillian on Friday and she said that we matriculate on Monday 15th Aug, start the course on Thursday 18th Aug and have a reading week from Mon 10 Oct. She also said we would be getting the timetable out in May and we won't find out where our first placement until we matriculate. We'll find out the other placements during the course. It's all getting real now and I can't wait to meet everyone on the course.
    Elaine x
  3. Kathryn,
    The matriculation should only take about 15 minutes according to Gillian. Our first day of Uni is on the Thursday. I'm going to bring the kids with me for the matriculation and have a day out in Dundee (don't fancy doing a 100 mile round trip for just 15 minutes - are there any child friendly things to do in the city?)
  4. Heather - I only got mine on Friday so I imagine you'll get yours sometime this week :)

    Elaine - how old are your kids? The swimming pool is great fun! Lots of flumes, river rapids and a wave machine - kid heaven! There's also a science centre which I've never been to but people that have been say it's really good (it's called Sensations). There's also zap-zone, an ice rink, cinemas etc.

    Ailsa x
  5. Hi
    Thanks Elaine. In addition to all those things Ailsa has said, there is also Camperdown Park/Zoo which, if weather permitting, is a nice day out for all ages, large outdoor play area with lots of climbing things (free of charge), large grassy area and a small zoo which isnt too expensive to go into, its only a 5-10 min drive from the city centre. Sensations is also a good day out, my children are 4 and 6 and they enjoy it, but it is aimed at the slightly older child to be honest. If you get organised, Tesco clubcard (if you shop there) I think are still doing vouchers for sensations which will get you in cheaply and is only a 5 min walk from the Uni too. There is also ten pin bowling at stack leisure park, not too far from the city centre.
    Not sure if I will have the children with me, just depends on the time of the matriculation, I might be able to fit it in before picking my daughter up from nursery.
  6. Just thought, if you are getting the train some of these activities you need a car to get to. The pool and Sensations are walkable and then there is Discovery (also cheaper with clubcard vouchers) which is also walkable.
  7. Thanks Ailsa and Kathryn. My boys are 8 and 11 and they have both been to the Dundee Science Centre with school and thoroughly enjoyed it. I might try the swimming pool. It's so near the railway station, so I won't get lost!
    Is anyone going to do any reading over the summer? I feel that I should be preparing, but have not got a clue what to do.
  8. Hi
    I was forgetting the schools were still off, so I may have my children with me after all for matriculation (depends on whether my husband is working from home that day).
    Handed my forms etc in to Uni in person today, starting to feel real now. As for doing reading - absolutely not (only a few weeks of freedom left), I wouldnt know where to start anyway and I feel its best to read things that we are told to read and not get confused with any other stuff.
  9. Looking forward to receiving this pack, still no sign today, this could be because I replied to the email late (dodgy computer!) it is getting so close now, know the date I'm leaving my job now and know who is replacing me, very real!
    I might do a bit of general reading, more so for interest rather than just for the sake of the course! Not getting bogged down though... Whole year ahead of me for that! :)
  10. Hi I'm Karen, and I too am starting PGDE in Aug. I also know when my last day at work is, so its getting very real now. I live in Broughty Ferry and have chosen placement choices mainly around Dundee and Angus areas. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  11. Hi, I'm Andrea and I am also staring the PGDE primary course in August. I got my PVG pack on Friday but haven't returned it yet, due to a mistake in the letter, so waiting for a new copy. I will be choosing NE Fife as my first choice. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.
  12. Hi Heather, I live in St Andrews. Where do you live? How are you getting to Dundee each day?
  13. Hello everyone!

    My name is Danielle and I live in Monifieth. I have just finished studying Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone so have the excitement of Degree Show which starts tonight! I can not wait to start in August and look forward to meeting you all.
  14. Well done Michelle...will keep fingers crossed for you! I have at last received my PVG form, need to have a look for my birth certificate though!
    I have e-mailed Helen Mackay to ask if they will allow me time of to attend a wedding which has been booked since October, it is in America and is both my partners and mine best friends... hopefully I will be allowed the time and it won't affect my work on the course too much! both are so important so it is a horrible situation!

    I live in Glenrothes. So Glenrothes/Kirkcaldy will be my first choice then West, then North East, then Dundee City and not sure about the 5th one yet, trying to think about where is most accessible using public transport!
  15. Well done Michelle, fingers crossed for you. Heather, not sure how it works when you need time off, who is Heather McKay? Hopefully it works out for you, when is the wedding? Does it fall in the course time or placement time (list of dates from 2010/11 were published on this forum and shoudlnt change much for 2011/12).
  16. Helen Mackay is the programme director. The wedding is the first week in September, just after our middle stages observation and before middle stages placement ( this is what the phonecall I had with her during the week led me to believe) so during uni time. Everyone needs to have 80% attendance before each placement so I have now emailed to ask if my time off if is still going to make my attendance good enough, I could try and change flight days and either out later than everyone or come home earlier, really don't want to miss the wedding! It's apparently behaviour management and curriculum that I would be missing. I would just need to get copies of someones notes! Nightmare! Just need to hang fire now to see what the reply is!
  17. Hi Danielle, my name is Rachael and I also live in Monifieth. Did you attend Monifieth High School, and if so, which year to you leave? I left after 5th year in 2007.
  18. Hi Rachael, small world! I'm from Carnoustie originally so went to Carnoustie High, I left school in 2003 and moved to Monifieth in 2005!
  19. Hi
    Bit of a logistical nightmare for you. You are more than welcome to have a copy of my notes when you are away.
    Good luck.
  20. Hi

    Did everyone get the email today primarily about student accommodation? Looks like we are not starting until 25th August now, a week later than I thought it was going to be. Good news though, lets me settle my daughter into P1 for longer.


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