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Dundee 2011 Primary PGDE course

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by klr1, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hi to all those starting at Dundee Uni in August for Primary Teaching, just setting up a new post as the other one we have been using has become rather large.
  2. Hi
    I am new to these forums, just joined today. I have a place on the PGDE (primary) course beginning in August - can't wait!
  3. Excellent, Hi.
  4. Hi
    In response to the various posts. I am from Monikie so not far from Monifieth, I will be getting the bus every day from Monifieth though as there is only a bus every 2 hrs from Monikie! and its too expensive to park in Dundee every day.

    I am sure you will do well in your Maths exam, its difficult when there is something riding on the outcome, but I am sure you are prepared for it. Good Luck.
    I'm getting impatient too, June is a long way off yet to wait for some more info, but guess nothing else we can do. As for doing any reading - no chance. I am making the most of the last few weeks of freedom, there will be more than enough to do when we start, plus I wouldnt know what to be reading up on now anyway. From reading other posts, the advice seems to be enjoy the freedom now while we can.

  5. Hi everyone!

    I'm Ailsa - looking forward to starting the course and meeting you all in August! :)

    I live in Dundee so thankfully don't need to worry about parking etc. Can't wait to get some more info - not for organisational purposes, more because I still feel like it might not be true lol! Got the vulnerable groups info though. I'm definitely making the most of the time we have - from what I've heard we'll have hardly any time to relax come August :/

    What did everyone do at Uni? Good luck to all of those sitting Int 2 maths!
  6. Hi Ailsa,

    My name is Rachael. I'm just out of uni with an Honours degree in Food, Nutrition and Health. What about you?
  7. Hi
    I am Kathryn and I did Science (Biology and Physics) and Management Studies, graduated 15 years ago though! So a fair bit older than a lot of you. Luckily I got an unconditional offer, so the pressure is off me til August.
  8. I did Psychology at Uni - the kids stuff was really interesting and I think we'll learn a bit of it on the course but the rest of it was a total snooze!

    I'll not be working throughout the course - I thought about keeping on my current job part time but it's 8-6, Mon-Fri so I doubt it'll be possible. I have a friend on the PGDE in Edinburgh at the moment and she works every Saturday. She says it is possible but wishes she hadn't bothered I think!

    Have most people applied for this course a few years running? I applied last year and didn't get in - was so gutted at the time but the year out of Uni has been great! I think it'll be a massive shock to the system :/
  9. I did Psychology at Uni too. I found all the developmental stuff most interesting too but the rest was pretty dull [​IMG]
    I'm not going to be working, dont think i'd have enough time with looking after my daughter as well as being there full time so i've been starting to try put some money away each month to give me a bit of a help.
    This was my second time applying but the last time I applied was just when i finished uni in 2003 and I didnt really have enough experience. I'm really glad I didnt get in then when I look back on it as I think I'm more ready and capable of the commitment now than I was then. I'm definitely a lot more commited now than I was 8 years ago!
    Michelle x
  10. Hi
    I am not planning on working at all. I left my full time job over a year ago to spend some time with my children and I want to give as much time to the course as I can, I take my hat of to those who can hold down a job at the same time - I am sure its possible. In effect, having 2 young children is like having a full time job anyway.
    I applied to Aberdeen last year to do the part time distance learning over 2 years, but to be honest had no chance of getting in, as at that time I hadnt any experience in schools. As it happens anyway, I'll be finished at Dundee at the same time as I would have been finished at Aberdeen, so its worked out fine.
    I did some psychology during my degree, but to be honest its all a bit of a haze as it was SO long ago!
  11. I read in one of the other posts that Gillian French said we start on the 18th Aug - is that right?? Thursday seems like an odd day to start a course!

    Did anyone else receive their vulnerable groups application today? Feels like it's getting a bit more real now! :)

    Ailsa x
  12. Yeh I got the PVG form today, filled it in and sent it back already!
    Which areas did you put as your choice for placements?
  13. Hi
    Yes, its 18th August start date (thats what she told me anyway). I also received/completed the PVG stuff and I aim to hand it in on Monday personally.
    I chose 1st Monifieth/Carnoustie, 2nd Arbroath, 3rd Forfar, 4th Montrose/Brechin and 5th Dundee City
  14. Your choices are similiar to mine. I put 1st Monifieth/Carnoustie, 2nd Dundee City, 3rd Arbroath, 4th Forfar and 5th North-east Fife.
    Rachael x
  15. Oops, sorry for the typing error above - should say similar!
  16. Ooh mine are quite different - Dundee City 1st, Monifieth/Carnoustie 2nd, North East Fife 3rd, Perth City 4th, Arbroath 5th.

    I have everything ready, I'm going to take it in on Monday. Do you guys have your degrees/exam results for it? There was mention of it on one of the forms but it wasn't one of the things on the checklist.

    Ailsa x
  17. Actually, not that different at all lol!
  18. I don't graduate until July so I didn't send anything about my degree. Did you?
  19. Yes, if you are including the exam certificates you need to write that on the checklist. There is a space for you to hand write it in - thats what I did anyway. Those that chose placement areas that are over a larger geographical area - can I ask why? If I remember someone chose not only Monifieth but also Perth and Fife!?!?

  20. Hello all, just finished my PVG form etc... will probably hand deliver just to be on the safe side!
    For my order of preference I've chosen Dundee, Angus, P&K then Fife. Hoping for Dundee for travel time, but if not at least it's an adventure!
    I have a conditional offer too, I've just finished 3 years of Biochemistry at Dundee, expecting exam results in June..... cross fingers for me?

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