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dumped the day before valentines!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by LittleBrownBear, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    The nicest present I have ever been given clearly! Rubbish! [​IMG]
    Happy Valentines Day everyone!
  2. Hope you didn't spend too much on his present, or at least kept the receipt for a quick refund!
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    The lengths men will go to not buy a present! (sorry)
    On a more serious note he obviously wasn't worthy of just how wonderful you are, I hope a secret admirer (or just a wonderful friend) gets in touch and makes your day x


    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Well he wasn't good enough for you - good riddance!
    (Please read in best 'mum' voice).
    And have a hug - if you need it.
  5. Onwards and upwards, LBB.
  6. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    if the pressure of being with you on 14th Feb was too much,.................
    ...not the sort of person you would want to be with.
    but, if he had been lovely and romantic today and then said it tomorrow, you would have called him all sorts of names!
  7. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Apparently, the period between New Year and Valentine's Day is known as the "transfer season". It would be cruel to dump someone around Xmas and New Year, so your window of opportunity is before Valentine's Day.
    Henriette, your ex's timing was all wrong! [​IMG]
  8. voodoo child

    voodoo child New commenter

    It's clearly his loss and not yours. Who would you want to waste Valentine's Day on someone who isn't wholeheartedly in love with you. Guardian Soulmates is doing a 20% off deal at the moment - why not try there? Pamper yourself with something you really like doing and breathe a sigh of relief that you've escaped.
  9. whapbapboogy

    whapbapboogy New commenter

    I know it might sound odd, but at least he hasn't wrecked Valentine's Day for you- (which is a load of old hype anyway, puffed up to inflate the price of flowers and cards!)- next year you won't be there on Valentine's Day remembering this bloke. Sod him! We're here for you! :0) xxxxxxxx
  10. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    I ended one of my relaionships on valentine's day so it could be worse!
    Had you been together a long time? What was the reasoning for it?
  11. Maybe he was thinking ahead to the 29th?
  12. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    Ah thanks- feeling the TES love!

    Yup, I am glad he didn't do it the day after and I am not a Valentines day person really anyway (never really had a good one!!) but still hurts a bit.

    Been together only 6 months and his reasoning - I don't have the "IT" factor apparently. Well he is no George Clooney but we all make sacrifices!!!
    I have tried internet dating and I am not sure I am brave enough for the nutters but maybe if they are Guardian readers, they are more intelligent than your average nutters?!! Maybe not....

    Oh I would rather be single than in an unhappy relationship any day of the week but gets kinda lonely and time is ticking away!

    Yup, nice pamper, yummy food, a cupcake and "Eat, Pray, Love" DVD tonight, with a bottle of wine and attempt to book an Easter getaway!

    Men eh?

    Thanks for all the kind words!
  13. He sounds like a word that rhymes with 'banker'.
    I think you are well rid.
    Not if they read the Guardian. [​IMG]
  14. To quote the very wise Coffeekid he wasn't worthy of your greatness (I'll always remember that line!). IT factor, what a knob! Have a lovely evening spoiling yourself x
  15. Could have been worse, LBB - I got made redundant on Valentine's day last year!
    Aye, I definitely wasn't feeling the love that day. [​IMG]
  16. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    Don't have the 'IT' factor and it took him 6months to decide that. I agree, definitely rhymes with banker and also wick!!!

  17. Not sure whether you've tried Internet dating or not now .. but can I suggest speed dating. I tried that and whilst I only went to a couple, they were very enjoyable - and *fun* too.
  18. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

  19. pink_reindeer

    pink_reindeer Occasional commenter

    That's happened to me twice. By the same guy!! Ha!!
  20. modelmaker

    modelmaker Established commenter

    I avoided posting early on in this thread in case I said something that touched a nerve, but I imagine that later you might like to wallow in the many sad songs that have been written to help you to personally come to terms with this situation. They were all written just for you, but some were borrowed and enjoyed by others from the library till you needed them.
    Here's one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtrIc8vq7wU

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