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Dummy at night

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by beyondexcited, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Im looking for some adive about dummies! My daughter is 14 weeks old and went into her cot in her room on Saturday. And it has been a complete success! We are putting her down, awake, unswaddled (which she always has been) and have dropped the night feed...sounds fantastic and it is except.......She has a dummy to fall asleep with and we dont hear a peep until around 3ish, (she is dreamfed at 11), so I know she isnt hungry but she grizzles until we go in and put dummy back in. She literally falls asleep within minutes again, however she can do this up to 5 times! Now, I know how well she has done with going into cot but this may become a huge problem as I dont want to getting up that many times just to put dummy back in! I have tried just soothing her with hand on chest etc but she will not entertain falling back asleep without her dummy and she is too little to put it back in herself.
    Anyone got any suggestions to stop her relying on her dummy to soothe her back to sleep? We have put a small blanket/cloth in and Im encouraging her during day to hold it and nap with it in her hands, also Im trying to stop using a dummy during day but any other suggestions would be welcome!
  2. My LO has found her thumb and its been a godsend, meaning much more sleep for everyone as she can find it and send herself back to sleep. I don't think its something you can force but it may be that you can encourage her to have it instead of a dummy?
  3. A thumb would solve the problem! She has started to chew her fists (teething??) so I may try to put just her thumb in her mouth on odd occasions.
    Wish I had never given her a dummy now!
  4. Hi, I've no magical solution i'm afraid but think you may have to consider going cold turkey on this one and just take it away! A friend of mine was in the exact same predicament with her LO at about the same age and they decided to take it away. They did what you're doing and took it away initially for daytime naps and then took the plunge and took it away at night. They had an hour or so of crying the first night, 30 minutes the second and so on for about 4 nights. In its place they just kept going in and soothing, patting, cuddling, shusshing etc. It worked, and now their LO doesn't even remember what a dummy was. I think giving a small blanket/soother is a great idea by the way. My LO uses one to get to sleep by himself. Good luck!
  5. I had a feeling that cold turkey would probably be the solution! I think I will give her another week or so to get fully used to being in her cot then go for it. Its good to hear that your friends didnt have too much trauma though.
    I will still try with thumb and blanket during day to see if I can soften the blow a bit. Poor little mite...mammy taking away her favourite thing! Needs to be done though!

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