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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bundalph, May 16, 2011.

  1. bundalph

    bundalph New commenter

    I have used dummies right from the start and I have found them very helpful in settling my LO, especially at night. My DH and I swore that we would wean her off them after 4 months. Well, she is now 6 1/2 months and we haven't done that yet! She doesn't use them all the time, if she doesn't need it, she tends to reject it. However, I find that putting her in her chair with a dummy and a blanket is a signal that it is time for a nap and it seems to work. I feel guilty that she is still using them at this stage and I don't want her to still depend on them when she is a toddler. Should I be brutal and just throw them away or am I okay to still use them when she needs to sleep?
  2. 3 of my 5 children had dummies. I think if you keep it for just sleep time, perhaps making it just for night time fairly soon then you're o.k. If you try to take it away and go cold turkey you will be out at the all night chemist at 3 in the morning buying another! Plus the baby may well start sucking her thumb which you won't be able to stop.
  3. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    ~I've been wondering whether to stop using them but LO really struggles to nap during the day at home as it is, although she doesn't need a dummy at night falling asleep- she shouts herself to sleep! (happy shouting lol). She's 5 months old and only has a dummy for falling-asleep.
  4. I wouldn't worry. As long as it is long gone by the time they lose their baby teeth it will be fine- my brother had his til he was 4 and a half! I think as long as it is just at bedtime you are fine. We never persevered with one and we have a 6 month old thumb-sucker now which is a much harder habit to break. Some days she just sits around sucking her thumb for ages which really annoys me as I think she won't develop (daft, I know. At least she's quiet!)
  5. My LO is nearly 9 months and uses his to settle himself to sleep, I don't give it him any other time unless he is really upset and nothing else works. I too keep thinking whether to cold turkey it but he only sucks it for about 10 minutes and as soon as he is asleep it's out so it's not like he is sucking it for hours on end when he doesn't need it.
    I don't think it's a big deal at that age. I know a 5 year old that is at school and has a dummy, now that's a different matter!
  6. bundalph

    bundalph New commenter

    Thanks for all your replies and sensible advice folks.
  7. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    For people who have managed to get rid of the dummy- how and when did you do it? Phased out or cold-turkey?
  8. Only one of mine gave it up willingly. I'd wait till you can reason with them a bit and try to link it something else e.g. a birthday or going into a bed and say they're 'grown up' now or something similar. You can let them throw it in the bin and make a big celebration about it. My eldest was about 3 1/2 before she stopped needing it at night . Good Luck
  9. We were pretty muchthe same as you with our good intentions! Our boy is 9 months and uses one to get him to sleep. It usually just tips him over the edge into the land of nod - he only gets it for sleepy times, although his is attached to some sort of soft toy thing - i was worried about him having it still and got this thing that is meant to be some kind of 'transitional' object - in thast he'll associate this duck with comfort and eventually we can remove the dummy and he'll be comforted by the duck. Hmmmmm. I am not convinced.
    My friend did tell me her little girl's teeth were affected by it, but my mate's a dentist and gives her baby one so I'm thinking it can't be all that bad.
    I am not brave enough to do cold turkey while I'm at work - at night it soemtimes just takes popping the dummy in to get him back over, and it takes two seconds, rather than having to soothe him back to sleep.

    Reading over this makes me realise what a lazy parent i am.[​IMG]
  10. The dentist told me that teeth wise it becomes an issue at. My daughter only had it at night after 1 and only at night or in the supermarket/ doctors etc when I needed to keep her quiet after 6 months. When she was 17 months she chucked it two nights running and I never gave her a dummy again. I think I was probably lucky as she stopped drinking from bottles at the same time but it really was no problem.
  11. Teethwise becomes an issue at 2!

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