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Dumbing down.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Kertesz, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I put forward the viewpoint that Britain has been dumbing down now for, at least, the last twenty years. I recall the Independent newspaper regular feature of the 90s, 'Dumbwatch' , whereupon examples of British dumbness were revealed. Politics has been reduced to a 'sameness' where politicians can swap parties with reletive ease. Football has been vulgarised by premiership egoism. Telivision is a series of chefs and 'talent' panels. The BBC has got Bill Turnbull. Camera's now watch us from dawn till dusk in the name of protection. The prison population is at bursting point. The knighthood system is a farce. Ryan Air (say no more). The press are a disgrace. As a child I would challeng myself to answer questions during 'Ask The Family', Now young people answer questions on 'Jeremy Kyle'.
    Is it no wonder then, that coversupervisors should now populate our schools? What has gone wrong?
  3. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

  4. Not bad ......fetches glasses, ******** !
  5. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Actually having done that job myself for a while before teaching it is a protection and not a big brother thing.
  6. I was educated in Northern Ireland ( though Jewish and proud ) I would value someone to tell me that these things HAVE indeed reduced crime? I was on a staff night out a while ago and the lengths one member of the maths dept had to go to, just to pee, were frankly draconian ! Not that I did , of course!
  7. When teachers can't spell or use punctuation properly, no matter what subject they are teaching, how can they possibly correct that of the students? Ok, we all glitch at times, but it is vital to have it correct in the classroom.
    A history GTP trainee prepares a powerpoint presentation on Napoleon's campaigns, and how he put members of his family "on the throwns of conquered country's". There is also, a reference - again on the ppt presentation - of "gorilla warfare".
    The bottom set KS3 students are instructed to copy the information on the slides, which they do, not knowing that there are glaring errors. They don't know and neither, apparently, does the GTP trainee - who is '"the specialist".
    The "unqualified" person who is in the room to keep things legal, is cringeing at the errors, and wondering whether, and if so how best, to advise the GTP trainee without embarrassing him or undermining his authority - because it matters if students are mis-taught.
    True incident.
  8. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Yes, please have a quiet word at the end of the lesson so he can make corrections for the next time the presentation is used.
    A confident teacher will appreciate having any errors pointed out so they can improve their teaching practice (have I got that right? or is it practise) provided it is done in a adult and professional matter without trying to score points. We all make mistakes and shouldn't be too embarrased, well just a little.
    Ouch that is a "howler"
  9. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    How does a unqualified CS know when teaching is good or bad, if they are trained or qualified to teach themselves?

    I agree that the mistakes are wrong, but we all make mistakes.
  10. The unqualified person in the room to keep things legal!? Utter nonsense!
    Get rid of those poorly educated, semi-educated, pseudo-intellectual, self-serving DIMWITS immediately! Shout out the truth! Stop being so sycophantic...utter madness not to correct in order "to prevent embarrassment"...such foolishness. Havemore respect for the kids!
  11. The unqualified person in the room to keep things "legal!"?
    Utter nonsense!
    rid of those poorly educated, semi-educated, pseudo-intellectual,
    self-serving DIMWITS immediately! Shout out the truth! Stop being so
    sycophantic...utter madness not to correct in order "to prevent
    embarrassment"...such foolishness. Have more respect for the kids!
    I would replace such people with the local MENSA subgroup.
  12. I do believe that something bad has permeated teaching. Rev Bev, your posts read like the collective scribes of an insane asylum.
  13. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Well said ;)

    Personally I can rock the multisubject thing. With the degree I have I can teach the maind specialisms in science, as well as my own and another science and to round it off I can play about as a humanities teacher by doing some geography. Total that all up that's 6 subject I could be reasonably expected to teach, and with my current additional studies I am extending my depth of knowledge in science as well. I wonder what RevBev can bring to the table that makes her better than a humble supply teacher such as myself.
  14. Nope - I just really didn't like the automatic assumption by some supply teachers that all CS's are unqualified, incompetent and incapable of furthering students' learning in any shape or form, as evidenced by their posts in the CS section of the forum.
    Yes, actually I do.
    That's probably because the vast majority of CS's quietly get on with their job, fully aware that they are looked down on by teachers and students alike as being 'just a cover supervisor' (and therefore worthy of no respect whatsoever), regardless of what qualifications and experience they may possess and bring to the job, and no matter how much extra work they put in for the good of the whole school. And if we're talking "loud" - there are several regular posters on the supply thread who deserve that description far more than I do..... IMHO!

  15. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Aside from the teachers that have taken CS roles because that is all they can get CS's don't have QTS.....so they ARE unqualified.

    I've bearly been on the CS forum however I would suggest that in comparison so someone that has a teaching qualification that a CS will generally not be as good at getting kids to learn things as a teacher. I say generally because sometimes teachers are just poor and there can be CS's that have the teaching flair as such (excluding qualified teachers that are in CS roles).

    You do realise that if you didn't come over here and act like you were the next best thing since sliced bread and didn't try and make out that as a CS you were better than a supply that you'd not be getting the stick you are now? But hey ho, you are the one choosing to take this approach, so you'll clearly not mind the fact that we'll pick appart what you say.

    Before I tackle the meat and bones of this I have quoted a single sentence, yes it's got some commas in there but it's still a bit too long as a sentence.....given your critique of someone elses english on another thread is this wise? But anyway....Kertesz was trying to find out if you had any vague qualifications that might help. In the last school I did long term supply in a number of the CS's were graduates with various degrees, the cover manager generally tried to ensure that when deploying them she could try and get people with relavent subject knowledge in the classrooms even if they werent qualified teachers. And are you now claiming to have knowledge of what goes on at every school? To know what every school child or teacher thinks of cover supervisors? I might be dubious over the long term usefulness of the role of a CS but I have always respected the people filling that position. If that wasn't the case I'd not have gone in and taken the cover lesson a CS in my last school was meant to take so that she could watch me and how i handled the class to pick up some ideas for her own development in the role.

    I'll hold my hands up to that, I am deffinately gobby when I get going and boy do I have natural projection to take advantage of. But maybe if you, and the other CS's that are like you (note i said the ones like you not all of them), didn't try and make out you were better than people with QTS/QTLS then we wouldn't be making the noise we're making.

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