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Dukhan Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by doboon, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. travelfish

    travelfish New commenter

    Has anyone had any offers for secondary positions?
  2. Good question, has anyone had offers for Secondary yet? Some of us are still waiting to hear...
  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings ladies and gentlemen, but I've sent an email to Ogden's recruitment today about the delay in notifying secondary staff.

    They duely apologised and confirmed what I personally suspected about my situation, that I was unsuccessful. This will I think apply to everyone who has not heard by now; quote 'Yes we are in the process of arranging formal emails to be sent to all candidates, but I can confirm that all successful candidates have now been notified.'

    Good luck with applications elsewhere.

  4. Still might not be too late though... some of the successful applicants may decline the offer. maybe that is why they are hanging on before giving people a definite no.

    Good luck to you all.
  5. travelfish

    travelfish New commenter

    Received the rejection letter today...... Just keep on trying I suppose.
  6. Has anyone had a confimation letter or papers through yet?
  7. what do you mean confirmation/papers through?

    I had a weird email from them one week after I had a phone call telling me I had the job.

    Waiting to hear back from them tomorrow.

    Very strange things are happening.
  8. Anyone with any more news? I have received my travel expenses though!
  9. I was told all offers in writing will be with new staff any day now
  10. pstbx2

    pstbx2 New commenter

    Contract received but suggestion is to read well as could be omittions /errors from details at interview .
    Once received 7days to return
    Sounds like there will be lots of us to make Dukhan a great place to be ....sometimes the harder the posting the more fun it is
    Lets all make a go of it and keep everyone happy ..Not brown nosing just think it will be an adventure for us all
    See u there
    When do we go ?Does anyone know?
    Anyone want to meet in summer somewhere just to know some faces before we all go
  11. Any unfilled positions left in Dukhan? Everybody happy with their contracts?
  12. I would definitely be up for that pstbx2!
  13. me too - depending on when and where.
  14. pstbx2

    pstbx2 New commenter

    Do we know when we go? I don't as yet but presume it will be in August ....Once we have final contracts we could deceide on a place to meet dependent on which part of the world we all come from!
    Have a good Easter everyone
  15. I think we are off around the 20th of August - which is normal for international schools in the gulf region.

    I am only back in the UK for July then off travelling once again before work sets in. So if anyone is out and about then let me know. I am in the North West area but used to travelling about.

    It would be good to meet up with a few people before we go. Have you been overseas before?

  16. Hi all. I have just discovered this site and it has been really good reading all your comments. Me and my boyfriend have also just got jobs at Dukhan and it would be great to meet up with anyone if they are interested before August. We are in London, but can get to anywhere if that is easier. Let us know if anyone is up for this in the nxt couple of months. Take care.xx
  17. Didn't think they employed un-married couples!!
  18. We have to have separate apartments but that could be a bonus!!!!!
  19. Ooooh Matron!
  20. Just bumping this back up the Staffroom charts.

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