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Dukhan Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by doboon, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Mmmmm...greasemonger! Now that's a phrase I've not heard since me Dad's Brylcream days. Quiffs spring to mind, Billy Fury-type kiss curls and my babysitter's boyfriend, sitting on the radiogram staring into his Watney's party can strikes a heroic gib.

    Otherwise, what is a greasemonger?!
  2. Please, please children. Why has this thread degenerated into a pathetic slanging match? what started it?

    Please leave this thread alone for those of us who have used it as a serious and useful resource.

    Maybe start your own thread in the fun or mudslinging sections.
  3. sorry miss

    you're right miss

    sorry brian, your not a greasemonger and i don't think you use vaseline ..

    [shakes hands and goes back to class to sulk]

  4. Good girl Mary, now you behave as well Brian!

    I only logged in to report back about my interview, and found out that everyone had started bickering whilst I'd been away. Thought it was a fair interview which went ok (had worse for sure!). Head seemed enthusiastic, if a little arrogant, but certainly someone who knew where he was heading and the overall package sounded good. Have to wait now for results time, but with another interview next week it could be an interesting wait
  5. Sorry Mary and Sugary, I've locked my playpen gate and put me toys back into my Andy Pandy box!

    As Bill Shankly said, 'Ay, there's nay malice in the lad.'

  6. Has anybody heard anything yet?
  7. Just bumping this up
  8. No, not yet.

  9. We haven't heard either. They said that they were hoping to have things organised by the end of last week or the beginning of this week. So hopefully we only have to wait a few more days. How are other interviews going?
    I thought our interview with Dukhan was average.... however the school appeared progressive with effective Change Management being the key to its success. 33 new staff is huge.

    Good luck all.
  10. Offered a job yesterday (Friday) and accepted.

    Good luck everyone else.
  11. congrats and well done Colly!!!
  12. Do let me know how you get on Hester!
  13. I didn't actually go for the interview in the end because I accepted a job at DC in Beijing before my interview for Dukhan.

  14. Yes - great news Colly. I wonder if that means we're not in?? No news is good news? What position are you going into Colly?
  15. I went for a KS1 position...if that was Friday afternoon's phonecall, maybe they are working their way up the year groups.
  16. Hi, sadly I read your message too late to be of much use to you but here goes anyway. The salaries are around 9,000QR a month going up according to responsibilities and allowances. The lifestyle here is very laid back great for young children, swimming gear and lesson essential for safety. The majority of kids here are great louts sadly tend to be from our community but they are few and far between. The population is mostly expat from Arab,Asian countries. Most are very frindly if you are pleasant with them. After 30 years and raising my son and daughter here I have no complaints. But keep out of school politics lots have axes to grind and won,t mind using you to do it for them. Good Luck. As for the drive it is very long and once a week may be enough but there are clubs and shops there and off course you have the sea,
  17. I was told on Friday afternoon too. I have also accepted - Key Stage 2.

    See you all there in the summer.
  18. Well done Desert! See you soon then.
  19. That's it, I've finally made my mind up. Never been in the position of having 2 job offers to consider before! I'll see you all in Dukhan in August. Many thanks to the people who made useful contributions to this thread from either side of the fence.

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