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Dukhan Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by doboon, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. catnipbon

    catnipbon New commenter

    Please note Locopoco does not work at the school and cannot,therefore, pass on the correct information.
  2. £1800 is TOTAL......including ALL extras. It is approx. It was what my pay slip showed last month, I am in position to provide the correct information. Car loan is paid back over 2 yrs.
  3. Could catnipbon possibly be the school head???

    The school is run by QP and i don't imagine for one minute that they have a seperate pay structure from the rest of the company. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

    Dukhan is a very small community and people talk.

    Most people seem to form their own clique, but teachers still talk to engineers, engineers still talk to wife?s and wife?s talk to other wife?s. Ultimately word gets around.

    Anyway, correct i don't work at the school, but, since no one from the school has attempted to define the pay structures. I thought my previous input may assist.

    I'm not trying to stir things up, on the cotrary. I wish i had a forum like this when i decided to accept. It can only be a good thing.
  4. I will bow out now, but glad the correct info is being circulated.

    4 yrs must be if it is indefinate staff.

  5. Decided to go for the interview and see what the Head offers for both posts.

    Thanks to all for their advice.
  6. Maybe see you there then Hester P.
  7. oooh! Colly - when is yours then? I've opted for the 13th.
  8. Still waiting for confirmation of a date...
  9. Mine is the 14th. Anyway, good luck!
  10. The text below dates from 2004 but may be of help.

    btw they always used to do site interviews which was a really good idea, sounds like the sort of place you need to see before you commit.

    Summary of the main features of the Teacher Package*

    The generous package indicates the Company?s intention to recruit and retain top class professionals

    ? Two year contract, renewable by mutual agreement. Sunday to Thursday working week, with paid holidays in a pattern similar to UK. Working hours 07:00 to 14:00 with 2 twenty minute breaks. Class sizes typically 15-23 children.
    ? Minimum requirements; UK degree plus PGCE or equivalent, five years experience including 2 in a UK school.
    ? Salary per month: QR 7,750/= basic + QR 800/= travelling allowance +Dukhan allowance of QR24/= per worked day + QR equivalent of Sterling pounds 313.00 ?western inducement? allowance (this last allowance is paid to the husband only in cases of married teaching couples). There is no local income tax. The total monthly pay depends on days worked but is around QR 10,750. At the current exchange rate of 5.9, this works out to about £1800 per month disposable income. Annual performance linked pay rise of between 2 and 5 per cent of basic salary.
    ? An end of service benefit equal to one month?s final basic salary for each year of service is paid on completion of the contract and departure from Qatar.
    ? Married accommodation: Detached three bedroomed villa, fully furnished and equipped, rent and utilities are free. 50 channel cable TV at subsidized rate if required.
    ? Single person accommodation: Semi-detached one bedroomed villa, fully furnished and equipped, rent and utilities free. 50 channel cable TV at subsidized rate if required. Single male employees may be allocated alternative accommodation for an interim period in the Dukhan Lodge. This comprises a large hotel style room with the usual common lounges, laundry facilities and so on. Single female employees may share an apartment temporarily.
    ? Furnishings supplied initially by QP are on loan until the employee has completed 3 months probation and received the furniture allowance of QR 35,000 for married couples and QR 17,500 for bachelors paid in cash. This allowance may be repayable pro rata over a 4-year period if the employee ends the contract. If QP does not extend the contract there is no repayment
    ? Married passages: Outward family passage from base country at start of contract, and return on completion of final year. One return family passage for up to 4 children at the end of each academic year in between. The airfare value is from Doha to the base airport specified in the contract and is paid in Qatari Ryals.
    ? Single passages: Outward passage from base country at start of contract, and return on completion of final year. In the interim period single employees receive passages based on the Corporation?s ?tri-annual? leave policy, i.e. a total of three return airfares per year. The airfare value is from Doha to the base airport specified in the contract and is paid in Qatari Ryals.
    ? Free high quality QP run medical and dental facilities in Dukhan.
    ? Free education for up to 4 children for up to 12 years. Children attending University or College are provided with one airfare per year up to the age of 21.
    ? Interest free car loan up to QR 40,000 repayable by deduction from salary over the term of the contract.
    ? Heavily subsidised restaurants, Golf Club, Fitness Centre, Hash House Harriers, Sailing Club, Scuba Diving Club, Swimming Pool, Sports Halls etc in Dukhan & Doha.
    ? Wall to wall sunshine!

    *For guidance only: final contractual terms and conditions are agreed with Recruitment Division in accordance with Corporation policy. In the event of a difference between the above guidelines and the employment contract, the contract is regarded as the correct statement of terms.

  11. Hi all,
    I have just received an invite to interview at Dukhan, so all your comments have been great. They say they pay for travel costs - does this include international flights?? I am in Thailand at the moment and they want us there in 8 days......
    How have all the interviews gone?

  12. I am also coming from a far away land - some 12 hours away. They will pay for a return economy ticket. You have to pay up front and claim it back when you go to interview.

    Good luck with the interviews and let us know how you all get on.
  13. I have friends who worked there. It is a desperate place. Prepare for a couple of years in solitary.
  14. catnipbon

    catnipbon New commenter

    "Prepare yourself for solitary" by all means. When you get here, you will then be pleasantly surprised with the superb lifestyle this town can offer. You can chose to lead a more solitary life if you choose but there is plenty to keep you busy here, as mentioned in previous posts.
  15. Could anyone give me an idea of the cost of living in Dukhan? My husband and I are going to an interview on the 17th. We also have two young kids in tow. Has anyone had an interview yet?
  16. You can live on practically nothing in Dukhan if you're determined enough. It's up to you how much you want to spend on furniture, a car and so on: a few secondhand beds and orange crates vs Arabian Home 2006, a Daikwondo saloon vs a gold-plated top-of-the-range Lexus de Posh with marble trimmings, whatever.

    The basics are dirt cheap: there are no water or electricity bills to pay (which leaves phone cards and broadband internet/500-channel satellite TV if you want them), petrol is about 12p a litre, and the local store has the survival essentials at reasonable prices if you can live off frozen food and well-travelled fruit and veg.

    Of course, the temptation to blow your monthly salary in a few hours in Doha is ever-present: tea at the Sheraton, a night at the Ritz, a snazzy new watch with a diamond-encrusted Mickey Mouse and hey presto! you're skint. But at least you had a decent cup of tea and your watch is a talking point.

    If you can restrict your Doha activities to food shopping fortnightly, and not blow your furniture allowance on naff ready-made antique tat, you could save a decent wedge, especially if you both work. Good luck!
  17. Hi. Just wanted to say good luck to you all. I've pulled out of my interview because I have secured a job in China but will continue to read this thread with interest. I also think it would be good idea for the successful candidates to post opinions once they start teaching there!
  18. Congrats Hester P

    for those of us still planning on going to interview, any hints about interview set-up? any trick questions to look out for? (been there before!). Also, more importantly, any info on when the school is letting people know results of interviews; it's become important to me since I found out that I have another interview in the week following.

  19. Does anyone know if they employ single parents?

    Good luck all with the interviews. Ours isn't till Friday.....
  20. Two more things if anyone could help.

    Someone once said that childcare facilities were limited. Are local nannies available and if so what is this cost? If your child is 3yrs do they not go to school for the full day??

    The furnishing allowance - does this have to be paid back? And if so how? Do they having shipping allowances?



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