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Dukhan Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by doboon, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. What dates did they give you for the interviews? If I know these dates I will be able to categorically claim my'flame of hope' has died!!!
  2. I too have an interview for the Dukhan with the offer of return rail fair and a paid night's accomodation in London. Is it worth going?
  3. 10th or 13th for HOD Job and 9/10/11 for mainscale job

  4. There is still hope!

    colly_tyg you should look at all the threads about Dukhan, there is a hell of a lot of information for you to make a decision.
  5. I have senior post interview, but have asked for details of package-does anybody know any details?-I visited Dukhan last year and it is remote, but the facilities look nice, and ideal for small family-safe, clean and school looks ok
  6. Don't know if you've been here in Dukhan, but oh yes, there are dragons and a lot more besides.

    I take your point about housing and the cold in the UK, but there are still miserable people here too. It?s quite difficult to break free once you arrive. I know, I?m still trying.

    Cookie10 is not far off the mark with the input.

    There is currently building work going on in Dukhan, and housing will be available. I don?t see it completed this year, but I?ll ask and pass on the info.

    I travelled from Doha ? Dukhan and back every week day for over 3 years. One hour each way if your on the good side of Doha. QP starting time is 06:00 for engineering and 06:30 for School Staff. If you?re in Doha and travelling, it?s a 04:00 or 04:30 rise, depending if you like a coffee in the morning. It?s not a pleasant drive, plus it?s dark and can be very foggy during winter months. Don't forget stray camels too, although that's a bit better now.

    Dukhan is more for families with young children and the parents that would like to spend some time watching them grow for a bit. The other residents are those that are nearing the end of their working career and want an easy life for those last ten years.

    If you have children at school age and you manage to be housed in Dukhan. Ironically you may find that the your children may NOT be educated in Dukhan They could be bussed to Doha every morning. Remember schools start at 06:30 or 07:00. The kids may have to be up at 04:30 or 05:00.

    If you?re single and like a night out from time to time. Make some friends in Doha as quick as possible. You will need somewhere to crash at the weekend and hotels are becoming expensive. There is no transport from Dukhan ? Doha unless you have a car. If you have a glass of wine or a beer that?s you over the limit and can?t drive home. Taxi?s are plentiful in Doha but in Dukhan there extinct.

    I'm trying not to be too negative but I do want to tell the facts. Qatar itself is not a bad place but you do want to work & live in Doha.

    I?ll find out about the housing and try to post the results tomorrow.
  7. Re info from LocoPoco - true life can be a little quiet but all are not people with short shelf life as stated!!!
    School hours for staff are 7.ooam - 2pm and not 6.30am
    Your children will only be bussed to Doha every morning if you choose to send them to a school in Doha. Most ex pat kids stay at the school until A levels.
    Other nationalities (philipino/sudanese/tunisian etc)often make the decision to send their children to national schools in doha to maintain their own syllabus in case they leave and have to re join education system in their home country.
  8. Does anybody have any details of the package at Dukhan?
  9. I have an interview for Primary post on the 14/15th February. If any other people are coming from overseas and are staying in London and fancies a 'cup of tea' or two. Let me know. Will post email only if needed.

  10. Some people here will argue till they?re blue in the face to convince you that this is the best place in the world. I am only trying to paint a true picture of Dukhan. Some people take it for what it is. Others will go out of their way to formulate a cunning escape plan as soon as they arrive.

    My apologies for misleading anyone on the School start time. The school does indeed begin at 07:00 and not 06:30 as previously stated. You will have time for a coffee.

    Agreed, not all are coming up to their sell by date. What I did say was ?Dukhan is more for families with young children and the parents that would like to spend some time watching them grow for a bit. The other residents are those that are nearing the end of their working career and want an easy life for those last ten years?. Some move on and some stay, some are NOT nearing the end of their career but want an easy life. There are some long termers here and people that like the lifestyle. None of these really reflect on an age group, some of these people are reasonably middle aged. Like anywhere, it takes all sorts to build a community.

    If you have the opportunity to be employed here and there?s no other offers out there. You have nothing to loose. Try it, you could like it. The place could do with an injection of new blood.

    It?s the best place in the world.
  11. I finally contacted the recruitment company and it seems that they had made a mistake by giving me two interview dates. The school does want to interview me for both the mainscale and HOD job despite not having applied for it but it will take the form of one interview.

    Like others, I asked for details of the package but was told that the Head does not want to divulge these until he has the chance to speak to each candidate at interview. I would like to know the salary scales beofre travelling but I don't think they are being given out.
  12. I have a concern that there is no transparency with salary scale. I assume the Head will try to sell you the school as to how much you could save. If the salary was so competitive why could they not just tell us
  13. Salaries are not easy to explain. They are composed of many different parts, basic salary, travel allowance, dukhan allowance (boredom allowance, maybe!!!) I get less than my last job in Middle East, but completely free housing, utilities and cheap 'entertainment'...sailing, golf, sat tv that sort of stuff. Three flights a year for single staff and free medical and dental in local clinic..pretty good in my limited opinion. Not a lot to spend money on, so it's an OK package. It's enough to keep people here who know it's time they moved on.
  14. Would still be nice to know an actual amount in monetary terms-having visted Dukhan before I know it is a cheap place to live, but with financial committments in UK, does anybody have a rough idea of salaries?
  15. £1800 approx, in riyals, so depends on exchange rate.
  16. Toby - is the £1800 or so in riyals the TOTAL salary per month after the 50 Riyals per day is added or is that the flat rate minus the daily allowance and/or other stipends?
  17. Total. Basic is fairly low. Probably has big effect on end of service gratuity.
  18. Mmm! Thsat sheds a new light on things. I assumed the salary would have been better considering the fact Dukhan is quite remote. To be perfectly honest, most decent schools in the Gulf are matching that (well, the ones I have applied to anyway) without the need to live in the back of beyong.
  19. beyond! Typo
  20. Remember to consider the exchange rate as it has recently been as high as QR7-£1 and as low as QR5.2-£1. The average seems to be about 6.2. If there is a possibility to negotiate, do it with 6.2 or higher in mind. I should have done my homework before i signed, but it's what i signed for, so I shouldn't complain but i do.

    The salary breakdown is based on your grade I presume the school is the same. If not I?m sure someone will correct me. This is a breakdown of the basic minimum package.

    It may not be bang on, but since no one else is trying to assist it should give you an idea as a starting figure.

    Basic Salary: Variable within about a QR2000 from base to top end of grade

    You will be offered an interest free loan to purchase a car. This is 5 x your basic monthly. There is a minimum that they offer but I can?t remember what this is. It is repaid over a 4yr period. The will give you a transport allowance that covers the payments.

    TAAS: QR600 (Transport Assistance yada yada yada)
    Western Inducement: £313 (QR1950 depending on exchange rate at the time)
    Location Allowance: QR50 per day.
    Transport allowance: 1000 (this pays back the interest free loan)

    Satellite TV: QR50 per month
    Car loan: 1000 (if you borrow the full 5 x salary)
    Recreation Clubs: Negligible

    If you find out if the £1800/month is excluding allowances this should help you calculate what you?ll finally get.


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