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Dukhan Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by doboon, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. People often suggest on these forums that when investgating a prospective school you should ask for the e-mail addresses of current staff so that you can contact them directly. Good schools, with nothing to hide , will provide these. If I get as far as interview for this school I will be asking for this.

  2. steluta

    steluta New commenter

    anyone with more news on this school? money? head? staff leaving? Give us some more details please!

    TBoy you still haven't told us where have you worked with the head!

  3. Nice one Tenby lad!
    After lovingly crafting an application letter to the school in question, I happened upon your posting..... and started to think.. as I am sure many other would be applicants are now doing. I have worked in Qatar before and have toe curling stories of a particular head that I have shared when appropriate on this forum. If what you are saying is kosher, and I have no reason to doubt it, then you were right to mention it. But is he power crazy or just high powered? A bully or hard driving? Ruthless or just plain nasty? Does he get results? Is he someone you could have a beer with? His name rings a distant bell with me but cant pin it down.

    Yours, thinking... and looking at my application letter..... hmmmmm.
  4. Interesting posts - I drove from Doha to Dukhan in 1995. I realise that it was over 10 years ago. I couldn't believe that there was an international school in such a remote place. Maybe there have been a lot of changes in the last 10 years?

  5. has anybody heard from the qp school? Is anyone getting second thoughts after some of the threads or are you staying positive?
  6. we haven't heard since agency confirmed receiving cv's. Want to stay positive....
    What is the normal wait time in this situation?
    Anyone called the agencies information line?
  7. I am still waiting also. Wondering if they will email or inform us all by letter.....
  8. Just got email about interview 8/9th Feb in London for qp school, so things are rolling
  9. buggar!!! Another one bites the dust! Good luck with the interviews x
  10. desert.... have you received a "Sorry to inform you" or are you just assuming the worst because you havn't heard anything yet? I've not heard either way.
  11. I am assuming the worst. Only applied to 2 schools - did not get interview at one of them so putting my eggs into one basket. Good luck and lets hope more emails will be sent out.
  12. There is a housing shortage in Dukhan. If there are as many overseas applicants as suggested in these threads, then be warned, you maybe initially housed in Doha. This will add another 2 hours onto your day, and in the winter months you are driving an unmaintained road with no lighting. In spring and autumn this road becomes more hazardous due to thick fog, the likes you will never have seen before. Deaths on this road are a routine occurence. Once you have experienced life in Doha, you may have problems adjusting to the limited social circles and facilites of Dukhan.
  13. ... Oh yes, and there be dragons!

    The UK has a shortage of housing, is terribly expensive, cold and grey, and everybody's miserable. Only one of those is true of Dukhan.

  14. Which one? The last one? :)
  15. Just got word they want to interview me for an unpromoted post AND for a Head of Dept job I didn't apply for! Thing is, they want to conduct the interviews for both posts on different days even though they are for the same subject. Should i contact the recruitment agency and ask them to clarify the situation in case they have messed up?
  16. Sounds odd! Surely they can't expect you to travel for interview twice?

    Must be worth an e-mail or 'phone call to clarify things.

    Hope things work out well for you!

  17. Hester P, did they e-mail you or were you contacted by post?

    This sounds a very bureaucratic way to interview, you need to get in contact with the recruitment agency asap

    Good Luck - my 'flame of hope' is dimming!
  18. Doboon - they sent me two separate emails. Both were quite vague. They said which jobs I'd been leeted for and then gave a selection of dates for interview and said they would be in touch with actual dates and times.

    Will phone Odgers tomorrow and ask because surely one interview would be enough to decide if they want me for an unpromoted or promoted post.

    I think They must have sent the Head of Dept one by mistake.


  19. Who knows they may think you are suitable for both, but if you only applied for a mainscale post it does seem strange that they asked you for two interviews!

    But you are lucky with two interviews because I have absolutely 'diddly squat' at the moment so lord it up on some threads and enjoy your popularity!
  20. I think I'll need all the interviews I can get because I am so so bad at interviews - my one for *** in Oman was woeful and am waiting for their rejection email.

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