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Dukhan Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by doboon, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. What the vibe on Dukhan and is Doha the best bet when applying for jobs in Qatar?

  2. What the vibe on Dukhan and is Doha the best bet when applying for jobs in Qatar?
  3. I have heard that it is an old school and you might need a car to get into town. There are more schools within Doha
  4. Believe the Blackbird's currently nesting here. But the Head's basically OK.

  5. Not quite sure what you mean Carpenter!!!! Does is mean Dukhan is good??
  6. Any chance of some information in a less cryptic form? I keep coming back to this thread as I'm just completing my application for this school.

    All I have learnt from here so far is that

    1 "it might be an old school". Do you mean it has a centuries old tradition, like Eton or Harrow, or the place is falling down?

    2 "you might need a car to get into town". Well the info on the website says that it's 70km from Doha, so I think that I could have worked out the need for a car for myself!

    3 "a blackbird is nesting there". Pardon??

    4 "the head is basically Ok". What does that mean? Is he OK or not OK?

    Any more help would be most gratefully received.

  7. I agree sugarylump - interesting tag - and I am also thinking of applying. I would also like any info on whether its a suitable place for a young family?
  8. Ignore posts 2 & 3 - irrelevant drivel and a personal dig at a member of staff from one of his ex-collegaues in another country.

    Yes, it is a good place for a young family but if the children are very young and both parents are working then childcare options are very very limited - unless you have 3 children or more, then you will get a house with a maid's quarters and so you can employ a live-in nanny.

    As for the school itself, post 3 is correct, there is a new head this year who is giving the school some direction for the first time in many many years. He works hard and expects the staff to also. Years of incompentent, lazy and unprofessional staff getting away with it are over - not all staff of course but a significant number.

    The school is expanding rapidly with the promise of lovely new buildings in the next year and lots of posts of responsibilities up for grabs.

    It is easy to support a family on one wage and teaching couples can save a significant amount of money - there is nothing to spend your money on in Dukhan.
  9. Cheers offtopasturesnew and I have some more questions.

    Are most of the people there with families or are they single. Would there be a network of similar people for my wife and me to get on with???

    She is a bit worried that she may become a stepford wife!!!! What is the nationality mix??? Finally what is the behaviour of the Kids like at the secondary school???

    A response to these questions would be greatly appreciated and would help us make up our minds, or should I say persuade my wife!!!

  10. Wow NewPastures, top notch posting, thanx for that.

    The questions spinning through my family are mostly similar to Doboons. I don't really need to know about the behaviour of the pupils because they would really struggle to compete with the little monkeys that I currently teach. But I do need to know more about the suitability of Dukhan as a move for a young family (2 girls aged 3 and 5). Are the social opportunities as good as the website information suggest? I've read the info several times and if its all true it sounds ideal. But that's the point isn't it. The info is part of an advertisement and we've all been taught how to look at adverts!

    If you could just give the info pack a thumbs up or a thumbs down for accurracy it would help me a lot.

  11. steluta

    steluta New commenter

    Could you please tell us the starting salary for a teacher with couple years experience?

  12. I took your suggestion, went there and deleted it.

  13. Actually the e-mail is duckduck1977@aol.com I am thinking of apply to the school and really need all the info I can get!!

  14. Sarbs. What sort of things in a post would make you delete it so quickly? Generally speaking.
  15. Dax


    Wasn't it supposed to be a reasonably open forum? An adjunct, a palliative to the frequent TES censorship? What was the reason for its deletion?
  16. BTW Sarbs (a tad off topic) glad to see you made the road trip. How was it?
  17. I must have worked at the same school! Agree with most of tenbyboy's comments.

  18. I think globalglobal is right, this debate can only be resolved by someone who is actually at the school mentioned or someone who has recently left.

    How this can be done is open to suggestions - please.

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