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Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by jilly_mc, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. jilly_mc

    jilly_mc New commenter

    Hi all,

    I've just been appointed as the DofE Co-ordinator for my school, for which I'm very excited and a little terrified as we have a long standing and very successful award programme.

    I just wondered: if anyone else holds this post/ knows someone who does, are you given a timetabling allowance? If so, roughly how many hours per week?

    Any advice greatly appreciated :)

  2. dts

    dts Occasional commenter

    Our DofE coordinator doesn't have a timetable allowance as far as I'm aware (not 100% sure as he's part time) but he is not a form tutor so that he can use the tutorial slots to meet students and carry out some of the admin.
  3. jilly_mc

    jilly_mc New commenter

    Thanks @dts - I've also got a form group of 20 sixth formers (first year only) so at the moment I feel a bit like I'm being pulled in all directions!
  4. 03mkk

    03mkk New commenter

    I have a year 8 form but get one hour protected a week. I am also one hour under timetable. I run two after school and one lunchtime sessions a week.... you've got to love it to put all time time and effort in- especially when it comes to weekend treks!
    jilly_mc likes this.
  5. jilly_mc

    jilly_mc New commenter

    Thanks @03mkk , that's good to know. I'm currently full tt with a form group as above, plus 4 of 5 days all ft staff are scheduled to run after school activities (we're Indy senior with most students travelling in on buses). As most staff I also have break/ lunch duty once a week.

    I've helped out on loads of expeds including the August bank holiday, so I've no issue with that, it's just the thought of balancing the eDofE admin with full teaching/ marking/ planning load which is a bit daunting!
  6. catbanj

    catbanj Occasional commenter

    I did it for years and never got one lesson free or paid for anything I did.... and our scheme was massive. 40 or so at Bronze plus 30 ish at silver. I was away every weekend of term time from Easter to October to fit all the training and expeditions in.

    I hope things have changed now and you get the time and money you deserve
  7. jilly_mc

    jilly_mc New commenter

    Thanks @catbanj . We have a huge scheme of ~160 participants across bronze, silver, gold encompassing walking, canoeing and cycling for exped. I'm lucky to have inherited a large number of willing staff volunteers and the exped calendar for this year is all planned, but of course with so many participants there's a lot of admin, not least on eDofE, to be done!

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