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Dukan - anyone tried it?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Lilyofthefield, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. It looks like Atkins with knobs on.
    In which case it will be very boring, probably not very good for your health long-term (you have to take a vit+min supplement, oat-bran, gallons of water and exercise every day), but will work like a charm for a short-term fix for a special occasion.
    I think that sustainability might be its biggest hurdle.
    If I haven't lost the required amount of weight for my sons' wedding by July I'm planning to try it myself.
  2. Basically, it is the Atkins diet but French.
    I consider it very dubious and unhealthy. Whilst it might work for a quick weight loss (but bore you to death in the process) it will not, in my opinion, help for long term loss and you will be back to the yoyo effect once you stop it (which you must as it is so highly protein based).
    It is still quite a few months until Summer - with a sensible diet and an exercise programme, those 2 stones can be shifted and stay shifted without the Dukan diet.
    Of course, I am going to mention GI - I always do. Takes a bit longer but the weight stays off. Especially if you exercise, which is the only real way you are going to lose your flabby bits anyway (I am avoiding saying losing weight, as muscle gain means you don't necessarily lose half your body weight, but your shape changes, which is what we actually all want).
    How is the zumba going, btw, Lily? I am still exhausted even thinking of it...

  3. The last one was last week. I've been tring to find a new class but all the ones i can get to are booked up. As it's the only exercise i don't actively hate, I'm going to join my local gym because they do it twice a week.
  4. Several of my colleagues have tried it/are on it at the moment. ALL of them have lost quite a bit of weight and find it pretty easy. The difference between Dukan and Atkins is that the former emphasises low-fat protein whereas the latter can seem like a heart attack waiting to happen.

  5. All that cream and butter and cheese - that's why I loved it so.........
  6. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    Come and work with me. I've lost half a stone in two weeks, whilst eating my head off.
    It's not so much a job, more a boot camp with pay! [​IMG]
  7. Not to mention the Atkins full English breakfasts (minus the toast).
    However, the carb deprivation craving can drive people to the edge of sanity. I know this for a fact, having driven to every 24hr local supermarket in the hope of locating a low-carb biscuit/dessert for Himself, just to silence the incessant whingeing.
  8. The Dukan diet is in the news because the Middletons are meant to follow it.
    Kate Middleton is too thin and looks like she's aged 10 years in the past few months.
    I'll stick to stuffing my face.
  9. I'd never have heard of it if Ms Middleton hadn't tried it. All stuffing my face has done for me is make me unable to fit in my clothes.

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