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Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by ShriekofAraby, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Lots of teachers accept jobs and keep applying in hopes of getting something better. When some of them do score a job with a better "package," they inform the original school that they must break the contract due to a "family emergency." So even good schools find themselves scrambling to fill vacancies right up into August. It's fairly common (if somewhat unethical) so I'd say re-apply. Although, if you ever decide to break a contract this way, the original school might put a work ban on you in that country, just to keep you from working for the competition.
  2. I agree with what ShriekofAraby says. There is far less loyalty in Dubai once someone accepts a teaching post - if a better offer comes along its quite common for the first offer to be ditched. However, there are also numerous reasons why a candidate may legitimately have to pull out of a job offer overseas.
    I would say it will do no harm to re-apply - record keeping in some schools isn't great so don't assume they would automatically contact you if the vacancy came up again. The fact that you are keen enough to apply a second time may also work in your favour.

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