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Dubai - which schools to go for

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by brokendreamz, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. brokendreamz

    brokendreamz New commenter

    Hi all,

    At the risk of being jumped on for starting 'yet another' Dubai thread, would anyone be willing to private message me some information on which schools in Dubai to avoid and which to aim for? I have applied for some and had an offer from one but feel it's all a bit of a minefield and don't want to take such an important decision lightly. I am an experienced teacher of 10 years, currently in a senior leadership position, looking for class teacher/middle leadership positions in Dubai.

    Also - are there any sites (other than TES) that are worth using to look for/apply for jobs?

    And before anyone says it... I have my reasons for targeting my search solely at Dubai and I know there are other places in the world!

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    The *** has one or two reviews of some schools in Dubai, brokendreamz.

    Search Associates is one of the better-known and more respected teacher recruitment agencies.
  3. brokendreamz

    brokendreamz New commenter

    Thank you for your response.
    I have joined both - am currently awaiting my Search Associates profile to be activated!
  4. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    brokendreamz, I have sent you one of those TES Conversation things. I might be of some help.
  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Please send me a PM. I worked in Dubai for 8 years plus 8 years in other ME countries. If you can send me the details of the schools you have applied to, it might help
  6. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Stoppers probably has more information than me, as per usual.
    stopwatch and brokendreamz like this.
  7. brokendreamz

    brokendreamz New commenter

    Thanks! I've started a conversation with you.
  8. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Oh, you do make me larf! :D
  9. twigtwig

    twigtwig New commenter

    I'll send you a conversation now.
    brokendreamz likes this.
  10. brokendreamz

    brokendreamz New commenter

    Thanks - have replied!
  11. 4penguin14

    4penguin14 New commenter

    Sorry to hop onto your post, but would anybody be able to message me with the same thing? Am looking at Dubai and Abu Dhabi and am intending on moving over with my husband and two children.
    Mr_Frosty and stopwatch like this.
  12. Chem_miss_t

    Chem_miss_t New commenter

    Hi, I have been offered a position in Dubai for next year and was wondering if you could give me a small insight into how you found it teaching over there? Would really appreciate it!
    stopwatch likes this.
  13. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Yes, no problem. Send PM. I don't always check too regularly, but when I see a PM, I reply straight away.
  14. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    No problem. PM and I will reply as soon as I see it.
  15. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    I have replied to your message
    sjudd256 likes this.
  16. hannahalicia94

    hannahalicia94 New commenter

    Hello, sorry to jump on this.

    BUt if anyone is looking to flat share with a female in dubai im looking for a flatmate?

    Message me! Thank you!
  17. Sloth_91

    Sloth_91 New commenter

    Hope it isn’t cheeky but could I get a DM too? Would love to hear from your experience.
  18. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Yes, no problem - fire away
  19. Sloth_91

    Sloth_91 New commenter

    I can’t start a private message conversation so you’ll have to...please
  20. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

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