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Dubai - the truth

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Carina1, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am currently thinking of saying goodbye to England after 11 years in our system and braving abroad. After lots of research and talking to colleagues Dubai is looking a serious contender. I would be grateful of any advice and information i.e. average wage, things to look out for etc.
    Many thanks
    Carina :)
    • Expensive. Beers, meals and nights out.
    • Lots of sub-standard schools - money making 1st - education last.
    • Some good schools with excellent packages. Be careful about which school you aim for, although..
    • It won't be easy getting a job.
    • Artificial. Dubai and a lot of the ex-pats there.
    • There are far more places than just Dubai to aim for. SAmerica, Far East. other Middle East countries etc.
    • Loved theplace in 1988 - hate it now.
    • Search through other Dubai threads - there are loads of them.
  2. Why did you like it in 1988 Funnypharaoh? And why not so much any more? Interested.
  3. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Back in '88 Dubai was a burgeoning boom town and Pharaoh was a pert young princeling.
    Father Time has conducted his usual operations upon the both of them.
  4. Not far off, Dude.
    It was small and had character.
    It is a big, glitzy, shining disco ball now.
    In my humble opinion.

  5. What do you think of Abu Dhabi?
  6. 6 years since I have been there. Hear very few complaints about the place.
  7. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    How about Dubai?
  8. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    We all fall into bragging mode, or confessional mode, from time to time, and our mock monarch is no exception.
  9. I guess at the end of the day it is all personal! I met some lovely people in Dubai, enjoyed the lifestyle and the school. I would say it is a bit too manic though but then some people may like that.
  10. Agreed. Much the same as my beloved Cairo - not without it's smelly and unpleasant bits, but I love the place. Dubai is not for me, though. I have said before, I have a couple of mates who live in Dubai, but they much preferred living here; work took them there (not teachers).
    I would say Cairo beats Dubai in the manic stakes by some way...in fact isn't Dubai supposed to be utterly ordered and organised and Cairo completely the opposite?

  11. Hi Siren, many thanks for giving me pro's and con's. Yours has been the 'fairest' response. Much appreciated.
  12. Hi Siren,
    Do you have any info on the GEMS Well***ton Academy? ARE they good to work for? Is the accommodation any good as have heard differing reports? I know its is fully furnished but is it comfortable? How easy do you think it would be for my husband to get a job as he works in hospitality here in the UK? Potential teaching salary of around 12000AED per month doesn't seem that much compared to what I earn here in the UK as a teacher. Is that a good salary for out there in Dubai?
    Any other advice or info??
    Many thanks
  13. Remember that you are not paying accommodation costs out here. My salary seemed slightly less than the UK but I had a lot more money in my pocket at the end of each month as I wasnt paying rent.
    WSO is still fairly new but i have heard nothing bad about it yet. The secondary section is expanding as the current year progress through the school.
    GEMS accommodation is generally fairly good- a 1 bed apartment, furniture is comfortable yes though everyone has the same so its a bit deja vu when you go to visit other colleagues. After a few years with them you can take an allowance and get your own place.
    12000 per month- how long have you been teaching for? about 5/6 years? if so, this is fine, if more then ask for more. Gems do have a pay scale which they adhere to so chances of negotiations are fairly slim but its always worth a try.
    WSO is far out if you are single and want to go to bars etc, but you will live with other staff members 9same building) so taxis are neevr a problem
  14. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    Salaries in Dubai are being driven down so aren't as good as they were a few years ago. 12k AED is about average now.

    There are other places in the UAE and ME to consider. Abu Dhabi salaries are higher for teachers and there are fewer "bad" schools. Average salary is around 13-14k AED if working in a good school.
  15. Hi,

    I am a primary Y6 and assistant head. Been teaching in London for 7 years and my wife and I are now thinking of moving to Dubai for various reasons. We are keen for a change of scene and a new challenge, we've both travelled extensively including to Dubai and also would like to save some money. My wife has friends who work in Dubai and UAE and can hook her up with a job. So my questions are: if we both get a job whereby our combined income would be 30k 'ish could we save some decent money if I get paid accommodation with my job? What info can people give me about primary teaching? Lots seems to be geared more towards secondary. Any info would be great!! Thanks!
  16. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    "Dubai - the truth" is the title of this thread. Truth can be a little hard to find in "the World's Fastest City". Well, rednelly84 has made some valid comments and I do not know if I have much to add. Yes, there are heaps of negative, sometimes hysterical ISR reviews for schools in Dubai and one often wonders how much truth these reviews really contain.

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