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Dubai Teaching Salaries

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by lay2005, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Could anyone tell me how teaching salaries in Dubai compare with the UK? I'm a Yr 2 teacher on M3 at the moment but from what I've seen, the Dubai salaries seem to be significantly lower, even when you take the tax into account. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  2. Could anyone tell me how teaching salaries in Dubai compare with the UK? I'm a Yr 2 teacher on M3 at the moment but from what I've seen, the Dubai salaries seem to be significantly lower, even when you take the tax into account. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  3. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    I have seen salaries from 7K dhs to 15K dhs. Different schools pay differently. its like I have seen school supplied accomodation to allowance to shared!

    Which ones have you been looking at? Good schools tend to pay the same as UK after tax or near.

  4. Thanks!
    I'm glad to hear that the pay goes higher than 7k dhs...that was the salary advertised with 1 KS1 job!

    Do you think most schools will have finished recruiting for Sept '07?
  5. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    there are a few on TES I think, you could try on their websites.

    I hope this helps

  6. Maybe you should register with the Search Associates and attend their job fair in london in may as well as keep applying independently.
    To be perfectly honest, Dubai is over rated and over priced. Jobs in the high paying schools are obviously hard to come by and usually filled be people already in Dubai / UAE. You should also consider other Emirates, Qatar, and Cairo.
  7. What schools are you referring to, pennyless? The ones for Emerati nationals or int'l schools?

  8. I am just saying that the best schools in Dubai look for expat teachers already in the UAE first before searching from overseas. As I said, Dubai is over-rated and expensive. If you enjoys going out and drinking regularly, dont expect to save much money, unless you are earning a big salary (i.e. 12000 UAD month +). Many expats leave Dubai with less than they arrived with!!(a recruiter at a Dubai job fair in January told his audience of potential teaching staff!!!!!)
  9. pennyless-
    How would you think a teaching couple with 2 dependents would fare on a combined salary of 22K, with housing included? Would there be a possibility of making extra money tutoring in the evenings or lecturing at the uni?

    We'd need a car (beat up one is ok!) and a daytime nanny.
  10. You would probably do reasonably well on this combined salary as long as your dependents school fees are paid for. Will you be given two bed appartment or three and where? Close to school or not? Cars are very cheap, as is petrol. I assume 11K each, which is OK, not great.

    I am not sure how much longer schools in Dubai will be able to continue paying low salaries. I am sure that the 'BUBBLE' will burst in Dubai education soon. IE. cost of living increases but salaries dont seem to be rising in line. 7K in some schools, thats a Joke!
  11. We were told 3bedroom paid for, near school. Yes, school fees are paid for kids, but little one not in school yet.

    I know the school we are going to is reputable, has beautiful buildings, facilities, etc. We visited in person.

    I agree, though, a good rule of thumb is you should be earning about the tuition of 3 or 4 students in the school---this isn't the case in most schools, I'm only saying SHOULD be earning...

    I think we'll be okay and I'm not going to save money, I'm going to enjoy!!
  12. Hello, I am off to Dubai on the 8th of April for 2 weeks. Looking for work and checking the place out. Anyone willing to catch up while I am there and offer advice? If I move there looking for friends who are pretty social!


    PS I am coming from NZ.
  13. hello colleagues

    same question .... how much do Mathematics teachers get in dubai... 7 years experience... managment skills ... excellent teacher grade Good from ofstead... how much do people think i should be expected to be paid ? email you responces to Huma_albraikat@yahoo.com thank you
  14. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    it depends, is it a mgt position if so around 11,700Dhs at a good school and alot less otherwise. If not a mgt position around 10,500Dhs

    I am sure others will response with their views also.

  15. I have just declined an offer of 12,000 dhs per month in Dubai. It was a great school and a good package I think.I felt so bad when I emailed my response but I had yet to attend an interview for a better-salaried position at a school with better resources. Just hope I get this other job cos the Dubai one's gone now!Sorry can't compare with UK salaries.
  16. fs1


    Just reading old posts about dubai - getting ready to apply for sept next year and wondered how you got on as we are also both teachers with 2 dependants and 1 not old enough for school? if you made it dubai, was it the right choice and will you be saving any money? thanks for your time - i'd appreciate any advice!
  17. chocolat

    chocolat New commenter

    Hi PuRe !
    Are you in Dubai now ?

    If so, could you tell me if

    12,000 per month with free one bedroom is good ( utilities not included) ?

    Bus ride to school and back....


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