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Dubai Contract help

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by fa12rah, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. fa12rah

    fa12rah New commenter

    I have been offered a job for sep 2019. However, there is induction and inset beginning 10 days before the start of the contract..

    I've enquired and it seems that this period would be unpaid. Not had this in any UK school. Is this normal in Dubai?

    Looking at other things in contract, they've broken the agreed monthly Salary into 'basic salary' and 'other allowances' (housing allowance is separate). Am I being cynical in thinking that this is to save the school paying extra gratuity at end of contract? Is there anything I can do?

    The school has also asked for me to attest things myself. Do you need to a get a marriage contract attested if you're married? Thinking on how to save some costs on this.

    Also - there is a 6 month probation period. Any ideas what they are looking for? Again not had this is any UK school.
  2. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    Breaking the salary down is normal, and it's definitely to save on the gratuity and it happens in all the professions I know of here - lawyers, engineers, accountants, all get their split in the same way.

    6 month probation seems a little long - you have to pass with us by the end of term one. It includes things like 3 lesson observations, making sure you get your degree equivalency recognised by the MoE and that your a good fit in the school. I wouldn't be overly concerned by it being 6 months but other people may disagree. We definitely have to get all our own stuff attested and there was no money provided for the cost - I'm not married so I am not sure about marriage certificate but I'd guess you do need it. Our school did provided 25k aed relocation allowance 2 days after we arrived which was supposed to cover those expenses plus shipping costs, etc - but it's down to 20k or maybe even 18K now.

    I haven't heard of any school that doesn't pay for induction though - I was paid in full for 2 weeks induction, even though most days were only half days. I think our school has since cut it to one week induction but new teachers still get paid for it at the end of the month.
  3. mungomango

    mungomango New commenter

    At my school in Dubai it is similar.
    Salary is always broken down like this and it is indeed to save on gratuity. I will only get gratuity on half of my monthly income. However, my husband works in finance and it is exactly the same for him

    I also had to pay to have all my documents attested. It was expensive and pain but you would be lucky to find a school which would pay for you. I got my marriage cert attested but it didn't need to be (so far). That is because my work sponsors me and my husband's sponsors him. If we needed to sponsor each other in case one of us didn't have a job, or if we had children and needed to sponsor them then we would need our certificate attested.

    In terms of induction, this was discussed on another thread recently. I have worked in 3 countries in total including the UAE and have never been paid for my induction in any of them even though they usually start 2 weeks before term. However, lots of schools do pay. I suppose I have been unlucky even though they have all been really good schools. You are still paid in the UK until the end of August to technically are still getting paid. That's why a lot of schools don't pay you as they know you are paid. Unfair but still....

    Finally, we also got a relocation allowance. Not as much as MR Frosty but enough to pay for some extra luggage and most of the attesting....
  4. mungomango

    mungomango New commenter

    Oh, and probation is 6 months here too - you have until Feb to either walk or be got rid of......
  5. towncryer

    towncryer Senior commenter

    Some schools will give a salary advance if you're going to be really short of money when you arrive.
  6. chewbaccastrikesback

    chewbaccastrikesback New commenter

    Yeah this sounds like what our school here in Dubai did...
    Grossly unfair if you ask me!
  7. fa12rah

    fa12rah New commenter

    Thanks for all this guys! Would you get a marriage certificate attested? Trying to think how to cut the costs down!
  8. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Keeping the costs down?Yes, that is exactly what your school seems to be doing, fa12rah.
  9. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    I would definitely get my marriage certificate attested, if you got into a situation it would save on you having to send it back to the UK to get it done. So I’m assuming the rest of the benefit package is acceptable, so go for it.
  10. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Definitely keeping the costs down.

    My contracts have always been 1st August - 31st July, so I've always been paid for induction - and, TBH, I'd expect it and would make clear that if it wasn't paid, I wouldn't be there (most of it is c**p anyway, how to log in to your computer etc, or airy-fairy stuff about the school's objectives - the stuff you really need, like what the curriculum looks like, how you do your planning and so on, you can't do until the returning staff are back anyway.)
  11. chewbaccastrikesback

    chewbaccastrikesback New commenter


    If your partner comes in on a 30 day visa not really - but they will need to do visa runs every single month.
    If you come in on a 90 day visa - which is non-extendable (I came in on that one ) you NEED to get it attested!

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