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Dubai 2017

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by LDN32, May 14, 2017.

  1. LDN32

    LDN32 New commenter

    I have recently secured a teaching position in Dubai starting from August. Any other teachers heading to Dubai for the first time from August?

    For those already teaching in Dubai what is the expected salary for a fully qualified secondary school teacher with 8 years teaching experience (2 of those years were In the Far East)

    Would be great to hear from you.

    ( I have/had another post up but had s few typos from predictive text)
  2. gemma1522

    gemma1522 New commenter

    I am !!! What school are you teaching in? I'm so excited!!
  3. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Established commenter

    Each school has their own pay scale, most likely because each school haa different school fees, so the salary at your school will most likely be different than the salary offered at a different school. I personally wouldn't move there for less than 15k per month, however, I know others who for some strange reason see Dubai as something that's it not and would move there for as little as 10k a month. Each to their own...
  4. craigevans1991

    craigevans1991 New commenter

    Me too. I can't wait neither! What schools are you both going to?
    123flowers and sunshine011 like this.
  5. sunshine011

    sunshine011 New commenter

    Me too. 80 days to go. ✈️✈️
  6. weasleyswizardwheezes

    weasleyswizardwheezes New commenter

    Yep I am off to Dubai on 20th August. Excited and a bit nervous.
    lasemma06, 123flowers and sunshine011 like this.
  7. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Have fun and ignore the naysayers. Make your own decisions. Dubai is well liked by many.
  8. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    Me too! Can't wait! fly around the 20th :) xx
    lasemma06 and sunshine011 like this.
  9. Mric83

    Mric83 New commenter

    Not long for us to go!It'll be here in no time:) Did you find out any more from your school @123flowers
    sunshine011 likes this.
  10. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes. there are some teachers going to Dubai for the start of the next academic year. Yes, please do not listen to silly people who say that Dubai is too hot or that it is full of shopping malls and motorways or that it is artificial and surrounded by desert or that the UAE's record on human rights stinks. All of these untrue things should not bother you. Have fun.
  11. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    Yes finally! but it wasn't about flights! it was just life in Dubai :)
    sunshine011 likes this.
  12. annie85blue

    annie85blue New commenter

    I'm going out in August too. I'm at GEMs Wellington International.
    ciaranir and gemma1522 like this.
  13. Rheady85

    Rheady85 New commenter

    Dont suppose anyone is flying out from Birmingham airport on the 17th August?
  14. 123flowers

    123flowers Occasional commenter

    I have sent you a conversation :) xx
  15. craigevans1991

    craigevans1991 New commenter

    I might be. I'm definitely flying from Birmingham but just waiting for a date from my school. What school are you going to?
  16. Rheady85

    Rheady85 New commenter

    I'm at Uptown, what about yourself?
  17. gemma1522

    gemma1522 New commenter

    I'm flying in the 21st!!! Going to SRS!
    sunshine011 and 123flowers like this.
  18. jayinman

    jayinman New commenter

    Should arrive DAA for August 20 Orientation but have not received flight info yet. Other than that, look forward to the adventure. Any chance someone else going to DAA?
  19. sunshine011

    sunshine011 New commenter

    I've sent you a PM.
  20. isotonic

    isotonic Occasional commenter

    I hope the leader of the UAE and Saudi get some sense knocked into them and stop their stance against Qatar! I was looking forward to driving to Dubai from Doha!

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