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Dual qualification credits.

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by amyjamieson6, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. amyjamieson6

    amyjamieson6 New commenter

    Hi I was looking for any information of other people who are dual qualified in general (secondary education Scotland) but it would also be useful for information about modern studies in particular!

    I currently have 1 module of sociology (20 credits) and looking at doing a distance module In a politics or social policy module (20-60 credits).

    I already know I would have to teach a minimum amount of hours of the subject on probation.

    Does anyone else have any other idea of what I would need to have a dual qualification to teach modern studies?

    Thanks In advance!
  2. alendra

    alendra New commenter

    My other half dual qualified as a modern studies teacher a few years back. The requirement from GTCS at the time was 120 credits of related courses, with 60 of those at a second year university level. He had 60 credits of international relations as part of his undergraduate degree, and did a 60 point politics course with the OU. That was enough to get his provisional registration.

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