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DT week 2011

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by nephew95, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Have downloaded competition briefs from www.crackingideas.com and will be using them as homeworks with prizes for each year group - simple, but engaging activities that don't require a lot of teacher prep and don't interfere with normal lessons. Giving them out the week before with big exhibition during D&T week. Hope this helps.
  2. We are doing an exhibition in the foyer of ks4 work - help promote for next years options, booked the dyson product disassemble for yr 10. Yr 9 are doing a great egg race in teams - remote control car chasis which they have to design the top part to carry a raw egg round an assault course. We recycle the chasis's so each is used 4 times a yr and then yr on yr... Yr 8 are doing the rocket project and yr 7 a structures project ending in highest structure using packet of midget gems and raw spagetti. We also run a design icons competition for yr 7 and 8. Last year I organised form group activities for tutors but not sure if many used them.

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