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DT PGCE Interview nerves!!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by sazcarr, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!
    I have been offered a last minute interview for a DT PGCE in resistant materials and after some much needed advice to calm my nerves!
    A bit of background info: I have a BA (hons) in Art & Design with a focus on product/furniture design (and manufacture). At present I work as a teaching assistant in a secondary school for the past year to gain relevant experience for this course.
    The university have requested a portfolio of work and have stated there will be a group interview and 1:1 interview witth the subject leader, I have also had to do a written observation of a lesson! However, there is no mention of a presentation which concerns me as reading on here most people do have one!
    I'm just wanting advice from people on interview techniques/questions, what to expect and the kind of subject knowledge they will be looking for (I have heard there are booster courses available?).
    Any info is greatly appreciated! :eek:)

  2. Don't panic, at this stage there are a number of things that the course leader needs to gain evidence of, these are that you have an interest in education & you have an awareness of current issues/problems that may have an impact upon your teaching/classroom practice.
    When I had my interview in 2006 the questions were along the lines of how education within a school can impact upon a community with some emphasis on regeneration!
    Best advice, read TES check DATA & most of all enjoy the process.
    Hope you enjoy your day & the outcome is positive
  3. If you have studied furniture/product design you should have a lot of the skills they are after. In a one year course the focus will be on teaching, with maybe one subject booster course such as systems and control (electronics) or food tech. If you have a sound knowledge of design from your degree you'll be fine, you certainly wont be expected to know everything about everything,.You'll still be learning about new materials and processes long into your teaching career!
    They may ask you why you want to teach? About your experience within the subject / education (through your degree and your TA work). Why you think DT is important - always good to talk about transferable skills here - problem solving, creativity etc. I think the best thing you can do is show that you really care about your subject.

    Good luck.

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