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DT NQT now wants to teach ART

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by foodlover, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am an nqt, currently teaching D&T with a specialism in Food Tech. I trained as a DT teacher, but studied Art/sculpture at university. Although I am enjoying teaching DT (minus the Electronics part), I just don't feel satisfied or feel that I am maximizing my potential. I would absolutely love to teach Art (OK, so you're wondering why on earth I didn't do my PGCE in Art, well there is a reason. I couldn't afford to train in Art as it didn't offer a bursary). I must confess, I haven't made any work in a while, but do have a portfolio etc. Has anyone had similar experiences? Any advise would be greatly appreciated as I have just requested an application for an Art teacher post. Please tell me if you think I'm wasting my time. :)
  2. No, you're probably not wasting your time, especially in a school where the two subjects had strong links, or were in a faculty, although it would depend on the other applicants obviously. Although there are similarities between the two subjects I would need to know what *you* understand the differences to be and how you would plan and teach an art scheme of work. Get yourself familiar with the NC for Art.
  3. Thanks for your reply Doodler. I appreciate it. I will definately have a look at the Art NC and familiarise myself with it prior to applying for the post. The post does say it will suit a person 'new' into the profession, so perhaps I will get an interview at least? Would you recommend speaking to the school/department first?
    Thanks :)
  4. Well it always shows willing if you ask to have a look round first - but I wouldn't draw too much attention to your insecurities of changing subjects. Just go and look for the positives - how you could incorporate your sculpture expertise for example.

    If the dept. teach the unendorsed course at GCSE you'll be ok - you can use design-based projects until you become more familiar with other processes. We follow the Fine Art endorsement - and if I was interviewing, I WOULD be interested in your sculpture expertise.
  5. I know two local Heads of Art who did their PGCE in D and T for various reasons and it has not been a handicap to them at all. It is the ability to teach which is important. Go for it.
  6. Oviously you may get asked about it though mind, like why you didn't switch but your reasons sound fair enough to me. As long as the portfolio is strong and you can take that interview lesson well, then i see no probs. Just be careful they don;t try and get you to do D&T too. I have heard of some who went for a post and ended up back in D&T, started off 1 or 2 lessons and then escalated.
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  8. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    I thought all PGCE courses had a bursary and such, just the tax free element varied.

    I personally am opposed to such things. I believe the Scottish system is best, in that you teach what you trained in. How did you get onto a PGCE D&T when you trained in Uni in Sculpture and art?

    However, even though I am opposed to such things, I do not think you are wasting your time at all. Many school would happily take you on. Also, if you give strong indications you can teach something else it is a bonus.

    I never think D&T and art are as closely related as some suggest, they should be seen in their own rights.

    I wish you good luck.
  9. I don't think it will matter. I did a textiles degree and an Art PGCE and started off teaching Art but have since taught DT textiles. Schools tend to like it if you are willing and able to teach more than one subject so you should use it as a selling point!
  10. hello!
    just thought i would leave a comment as i am in the same position as you! i have always loved and studied art, through school, college and uni. in my fist year of uni i studied a joint hons in graphic design and illustration and then decided to concentrate on graphic design. i have just completed a pgce in dt, and i taught mostly graphics, with a little product design. i would have definitely done a pgce in art and design, however, there was no way i could have done this as there was no courses available to me in my area, i had to travel from lincoln to nottingham to be able to do dt!!
    i think its awful when people try and put you down by saying things like dt and art arent linked; of course they are! there is a natural link!!! we should be embracing the new curriculum and incorporating aspects of both into our lessons and schemes to get the most out of pupils. i AM and i WILL get an art and design teaching post, and i would love to push my graphics specialism forwards into the department. i was an outstanding trainee and i love teaching, i have the passion and the determination to succeed and fulfil my dream!! good luck to you, you keep believing!! you will get there!!!!!!

  11. orangepatriot

    orangepatriot New commenter

    I would work on developing your portfolio and push the bit about being able to offer two subjects. When I was HOD I was always interested in anyone offering 3d strengths (as I'm dreadful with it myself!) so push that too. Not sure what others have experienced, but I've not often come across art teachers specialising in sculpture - painters, printers and ceramicists are more common, as it were (only from my experience of course).

    Although I trained in Fine art, did art PGCE, I have also taught DT graphics and product design, and the DT teacher in my current school has also taught art - there is a big cross over between the two. Exploit this, and good luck!
  12. Hi!

    I studied Fine Art Painting at Uni then did the GTP in DT, specialising in Resistant and Electronics. I wanted to train in Art so applied but was unsuccessful. 2nd year around I decided to apply for GTP in DT as it was a shortage subject and I had unqualified experience teaching it. I was successful! I hated having to learn the new subject knowledge especially Electronics which bored my pants off! but it was worth it as I was able to transfer to Art and Photography in my NQT year. I absolutely love teaching now it is in my original subject-it's like a completely different job when you teach a subject you know inside out and are passionate about.
    Well done for getting your QTS nad NQT experience-they're your ticket towards teaching Art-go to the person who plans the timetables in your school and try and get even 1 lesson a week teaching Art-volunteer for the naughty groups to get a foot in the door! Once you get the opportunity impress the HOD with a wicked scheme of work then you're more likely to be offered more groups. It took me 3 years but was SO worth it.

    Good luck

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