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DT now gone

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by nightrider, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Not the easiest or most interesting read. However It seems thst D&T will be required at KS4, which could be the KS4 which is 3 years long! It will motivate teenagers apparently. They seem to be ignoring th eraising of the age for training or education. But I might have missed that bit.
    D&T a Basic subject with ICT,
    A document drawn up by four academics with a limited grasp of what the 21st century is really about.
    They like the Ebacc, that says it all!
    Nothing happens until 2014, if then. Time to make a noise during the consultation period.
    Shame that DATA couldn't convince them of the value of the subject- but no surprise there really.
  2. It looks like we will might be delivering DT content but not under the subject banner of DT - as the subject will not exist as a discrete subject.
    ‎'Despite their importance in balanced educational provision, we are not entirely persuaded of claims that design and technology, information and communication technology and citizenship have sufficient disciplinary coherence to be stated as discrete and separate National Curriculum ‘subjects’....'
    To be included in the same sentence as Citizenship speaks volumes!
  3. Well................I was more concerned that we were being lumped together with sex education, but when you start talking about lubrication and male and female parts joining together it would make sense.
    On a serious note this document will have serious implications for DT teachers and traines coming through. It also reminds me of the post that i put up under 'Merry Christmas' and i think we as DT teachers need to have a look at how we can adapt to this document to not only save our own jobs but to keep some element of DT in the curriculum.
  4. Well, what a sad report this could turn out to be for future generation of students. I honestly can't believe taht these so called academics can not see the vast number of positives for students studying D&T.
    Did they actually bother to go into any classrooms and see what students can get out of well taught D&T!
    If we disapear as a subject it will be a sad day!
  5. thistledoo

    thistledoo Senior commenter

    The last time D&T was under threat the teaching unions were involved in fighting to keep the subject. All D&T staff were advised to write to their local MP's and it was brought to the attention of local newspapers by Head of Department and Headteachers and union leaders. The very fact that many specialist staff don't realise their subject is under threat is a terrifying situation. Is it because they aren't keeping up to date or is it because they are so overworked there is an apathy that 'what will be will be'?
    I'd like to know why subject staff aren't fighting their corner? I realise some may be wary of contacting the local newspapers, particularly if exam results aren't 'good' (may depend on which statistics you use).
    NATHE no longer exists... (National Association of Teacher's of Home Economics, and before anyone goes bonkers over the use of 'Home Economics'... my point is no specialist union to fight a specialist corner... ), we no longer have LEA Advisers, it seems to me that this situation has been a gradual decline over the last ten years or so.
    Unless people 'fight their corner' the threat of D&T disappearing looks like being a reality.
    I know and have read how heated debates on these forums can be so there is a lot of 'energy' out there that could be channelled into putting up some kind of opposition to these sad academics that are out of touch with what students want and need to be taught.
    So, what do others feel/ think??????????????????????
    I for one will read the report and pen my letter to my local MP... at least it's a start....
  6. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Here, here!!
    The general feedback I am getting is that if a department is well resourced has good exam results and high numbers of students then they are fine............ I don't think so!
    I have 230 pupils in GCSE with a 96% A*-C passrate, A level 70+ pupils 100% A-C passrate. Highest achieving department in the school and the borough. BUT..... it does'nt mean anything if DT numbers are dropping nationally ( which they have) because Gove will have a case. If we wait until 2014 we will all lose out. I wonder how long your outstanding department will last when DT no longer exists on the NC. How long will the school resource a department which, lets face it, isn't the cheapest option?
    We should back DATA, you don't need to join them just sign the petition. More importantly try and get those departments that are doing well to do the same. Dyson is also involved, share the information, keep your eyes and ears open.
  7. Having just read/scanned the report i also have great concerns for the future of D&T.
    From my own experiences teaching in a range of schools I have found that the Senior Management team very rarely have come from a creative back ground. That also evidently follows through to the advisers, government experts etc..
    They very often have very little understanding of the subject and how many of the subjects that are taught with in D&T are cross curricular especially with Science and Maths.
    Towards the end of the report it has a table which breaks down the subjects into learning areas~

    Understanding the World ~ Technology is to be taught in Science !!!!!!!

    I am involved with running a G&T STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering , Maths) club with a Maths/ Science teacher, the projects that have been introduced as recommended for STEM are ALL ones that are covered very often in D&T projects country wide. The teacher was very surprised that this was the case and had no idea how much D&T in-compasses Science/ Maths !!!
    Technology can not be taught fully without putting a practical application to the science behind it.

    We all also need to start promoting D&T in our own schools and raise the awareness of the importance of our subject with our colleagues ,senior management, students and parents.
    Getting off my soap box now!!!

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