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dt exhibition in school

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Bodge it, May 16, 2008.

  1. Great idea! We do it every year and now combine it with Art and a few musicians add atmosphere. We pick a night governors are meeting. Head pays for wine and nibbles. Have various categories to vote on Best Designer, Best Craftsperson, Best Technologist, Best Coursework folder etc. Parents, kids, staff and governors all vote. Get press in to take photos. At School Awards evening special awards are awarded (better than a book token). We have made own trophies (polished propeller, cam shaft, large cogs and gears all on turned wooden bases). Leave up exhibition for couple of days and take each D&T class in. A lot of work, well worth the effort. Usual comments ?did the kids make these?, ?I didn?t realise?..?, ?not like this when I was at school?. Next time I wanted extra funding governors could see why, ? if I was to continue making that stunning work?. All good PR plus the kids love the idea of our own ?Design Awards?
  2. that's a great idea. we had a creativity exhibition last year and invited work from current students and staff as well as ex students and staff for a celebration of 150 years of the school. this worked well and was a lot of work but I like the suggestions you made too. Am considering something for later this term on a small scale. Thanks
  3. I've worked in a school where it was done.

    No competitive element or prizes though - it was just an exhibition, with work from all years on show.

    Done with the adjacent Art department: made for more exhibits, plus more staff around (you need people on board - delegate). It's a good idea to rope in the Music department too.

    Make sure you get the local paper to send a reporter and/or photographer to cover it a week or so before, for some free publicity.
  4. brilliant, thanks for replying. Am well up for organisning it but how did you display everything. Did you hire/make display boards? Just ahave tables etc?? Obviously it will be the 1st year of doing it, but still want it to look professional etc!
    How did you actually organise the actual exhibition??? Would help me a lot so I know where to get started.

  5. up.......
  6. YAF


    I would love to have a D&T exhibition But and its a big BUT!

    My head of department wont let us for two resons:

    we are a school run by and outside company who use the school at weekends and evenings ( they own the building)- she says the work will be nicked and "we cant have that, as if it goes missing we would not have it if the examiners come in!" - ( Why will it get nicked if we only have it out for the evening?)

    Its too much work!- I told her I would sort it out but no she says no again and again.... I am getting anoyed with her!!!!HELP!!!!
  7. We alos have a big display/exhibition every year with our annual Fashion Show. It is good. We have display stands for Graphics/some textile work . Most textile work is in the fashion show as we are very clothing based. We have folders on tables, RM work on display. Food students make nibbles to serve (donations encouraged but food not charged for) we also have a raffle fashion Show is the highlight - with about 70-80 students modelling - we only have school work nothing from outside. I include year 9 work as well which gets them really keen and interested.
    We hire staging so the catwalk is really long and obviously have lights music and comperes. having said that I like the suggestion of awards being combined with it so thank you Bodge It. I will discuss this with my HoF. Although I basically organise the evenet it is a whole faculty hands on deck for several hours. Very well received though and has now become an annual event. I think this will be our 7th year. oh and it raises money as we charge for tickets for all who come to watch the fashion show (£3) as we have to cover costs for the staging. Usually have about 300 people attending, and the press come along as well.

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