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DT Co-ordinators

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kizzycoo, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. scuff

    scuff New commenter

    Hi James - you are a star! Please may I see your DT co-ordinator's info? I am the DT person and have not had a lot of guidance. Am going on a course in Sept so may be able to share back after that.
  2. scuff

    scuff New commenter

  3. butterfly-blue

    butterfly-blue New commenter

  4. kingy7

    kingy7 New commenter

  5. I am in the exact same boat if someone wouldn't mind forwarding me those resources or are they online??
  6. I am a KS2/3 DT teacher and have recently been appointed DT co-ordinator of KS2. If possible could you send me some goodies too. Thanks, email address is ash_sketch_studios@hotmail.com
  7. Hi James;

    Please may I beg a copy of your D & T goodies? With many thanks in anticipation!! Mary.

  8. Sorry James; school grid email might not work: pls can you send to nmcarter@ffv.org.uk

    Many many thanks.
  9. pixiepretty

    pixiepretty New commenter

    I attended a recent primary DT course at YPO and this website was recommended. Great ideas, very well organised and easy to use. Free resources and even the registration is only £39.00 per year.


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